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27th September 2019

Memories of Gary Pitt

Our dad’s business card, early 60's.


We lived in Anderton Street before moving to Kingstanding in 1968




29th January 2019

Memories of Linda Harvey

Does anyone remember the Harvey family, 52 Anderton Street – Les and Zona and children?


My family - Val, George, Ken, David, Graham, Paul, Dawn, Laurence, Gail, Jeanette, Linda, Christine.


We lived there most of 60.s until 70



15th November 2018

Memories of Susan Roddis - Photographs are covered by Copyright

Looking through some old photographs I found a super photo at the end of World War One.


My grandfather and his 6 brothers all went to war and all returned home at the end of the war. He was part of the Raybone family of Ladywood. It was a large family, 9 boys and 3 girls.


The 7 brothers were photographed with their parents at the end of the war. The photo was printed in a Birmingham newspaper at the time.




My father and mother lived at 103 Nelson Street during their married life before moving to Quinton in the 1960s.   As a child my grandparents (on my father's side) lived in Anderton Street.  However, looking back further, my grandfather lived in Barker Street with his family.  We believe there were 12 children (9 boys, 3 girls).  7 of the boys went to war, the other two were too young.  Two of the brothers, who are on the photo I sent you, emigrated to Canada (Wally and Albert) after returning from the 1st World War.


I have a clipping of a photograph of Wally Raybone returning to Birmingham in 1969.  It says he left his job on the railways in 1929 to go to Toronto.  From the age of 7 until he was 14, he used to go the Birmingham Mail to collect papers and help a woman sell them on the corner of George Street and the Parade.  The clipping of his return to Birmingham appeared in the Birmingham Mail.


The Raybone’s were a large and well-known family in Ladywood and my father who died in 2007 at the age of 87 was very proud of where he came from.



24th June 2018



9th June, 1967


4-24 Anderton Street, 1967


25th April 2018

Memories of Mary Hynett - Photographs are copyright




This is our family, not sure where this was taken,

but somebody didn't want their photograph taken!


Working at Lesbrook's





This was taken with Mary's husband and the landlady at The Bridge Inn




Mary sitting on the window sill for the Coronation



13th September 2017

These are postcards sent during the First World War from J. McDonald of 51 Anderton Street to

Miss J. Brecknell or Bucknell of Omar Place. 3 back of 77 Friston Street. Ladywood.


The big question is did they eventually marry?


The photographs, we think are of the couple, but not to sure.


These were kindly donated to the site by Sue Head, to whom I am most grateful




Photographs are Copyright


51 Anderton Street

During 1915 the address, which seems to be a shop, was occupied by William Grendon, Hardware Dealer; then Mrs. Beatrice Swan, draper;  Albert Hemming, Confectioner and then Sarah Genge, Confectioner.


The Smith family occupied the house in 1956.



Omar Place, 3 back of 77 Friston Street

I have marked Omar Place in yellow on the above map


In 1956 the house was occupied by The Cumberworth family

These are the postcards sent




15th August 2017

Lansdowne Place, Anderton Street, 1967

Anderton Street



21st December 2015

Memories of Tony Pearsall - Photographs are covered by copyright


I was wondering if anyone knows of these two Ladywood girls 1960ish from St Marks Street and Anderton Street


5th October 2015

Ferndale Place, Anderton Street, 1967

Drayton Place, Anderton Street, 1967

Patterways Travel, Anderton Street, 1967

Anderton Street, 1967


17th September 2015

Anderton Street, 1967

Anderton Street, 1967


18th February 2015

Memories of Michael Fenney



Mac, I thought you might be interested in this photo from 1966, not sure if it is the bottom end of Anderton Street but think it may be, the lady on the right holding the placard with the big button on her coat was Mrs Pat Sheppard who lived at 108 Anderton Street, she was my aunt.


Hi Mac, well the recent posting from Michael Fenney was a shock to my system, I recognised straight away several of the women, Lady on the left is Rita, she married Jimmy. The next lady with the scarf and glasses is Beatie Morris whose son was Alfie, we used to play together. Beatie’s husband worked as a builder for Laing and was involved in construction work at the University of Birmingham amongst other jobs. My sister tells me that the elderly lady with the check coat in centre was probably our neighbour, she and another lady moved into the house when Jack Keating moved out to Saltley. I remember Jack very well he was blind so I used to do little errands for him and his wife.


Also recognise Pat, and the photo seems to have been taken from the Summerhill Road end. No doubt when my other sister sees this she will have other memories to add.



Robert Goodwin





Hello my name is Dean Hay


I lived in Anderton Street from when I was born 1964 until I think 1968; the latest picture of mostly ladies demonstrating against the condition of housing amazed me.


The lady right in the middle holding the plaque saying “why do we have to wait six years to be rehoused" is my sister Coral Hay


The lady fourth from the right at the back is my mother Irene Hay (nee Bird)


Brilliant site



11th July 2014

Memories of Robert Goodwin

Thanks for hosting this site; it was a real surprise for me when I accidentally ran into it.


From a couple of the pictures I can see the house we used to live in, number 98, which was an opening to the terraced homes behind so they were 1 back of 98 etc or 1/98. There were about 10 houses behind us along with a communal boiler house.


We also had an air-raid shelter stuck on the side of our house.


I remember Pat Sheppard although I was only a kid then; we lived there from about 1960 to about 1967. We all went to St John's on Monument Road under the headmistress, Mrs Smethurst (a fearsome woman); she at least gave me a taste for classical music with her constant playing of Greig's Hall of the mountain king etc., we also went to St John's church... it's still there.


My sisters used to visit Pat Sheppard after she left Ladywood and moved with her husband up to Winson Green, he drove ambulances and used to come home in them occasionally, but sadly he died very young, heart attack says the one sister.


My sisters are June and Ann.


Canon Norman Power was the vicar there for a long time and at Christmas we used to go up and collect presents from the altar area.


For senior school I went to Barford Road Boys which promptly amalgamated with City Road Girls to form Stanmore Secondary.


I still know a couple of people from my time there.







12th November 2011

Hi Mac, wondered if you would be interested in this photo of Anderton Street, Ladywood in the early sixties. The lady in photo is Mrs. Pat Sheppard, who lived at number 108 Anderton Street, my aunt who sadly is no longer with us. I don’t know who the other person is sorry.


Adore the site; never have the words been more true, for me, if I could turn back time. I lived in Powell Street till I was ten, 1958, then moved to the road facing 130 Anderton Street until 1967 have fab memories of being raised in the area and wish it was the same now, would go back in a flash.


Keep up the good work I look at the site every day in case something new has been added, that’s all for now, again many thanks for the site.





My Dads name was John Bird, and he lived in Anderton Street with his Mom, Tilly, his Dad , George and his brother Ronnie and Sisters Jean and Brenda


My Dad used to talk a lot about this party, as kids they had never experienced anything like this before, and they all had a great day out in the street.


Sadly he never had any photos of this day, but someone might see the medal and remember the party and maybe even have some photos.


Best wishes, Donna



Do you remember the street party and do you have any photo's that I can use on the website and also forward to Donna, if you do just email me at




Anderton Street, 1967

Anderton Street, 1967

Who are the children in the picture?

86-102 Anderton Street, 1967

Anderton Street, 1967