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Barker Street ran between Garbett Street, Nelson Street and Sheepcote Lane



13th May 2018


Staff at Colliers, Barker Street they were Door Knob / Manufacturers


20th November 2014

Memories of Mavis Mills

Looking at your web-site was delighted to see memories of Gordon Waldron of Barker Street. I wonder if he remembers me, I lived just further along in Barker Street from about 1935 to 1951 and I recall he and his cousin Brenda Avery very well indeed, in fact I think they used to take me to school when I was very young.


I also seem to remember I had a big crush on him for many years but he was not interested as I was much younger. I had many cousins who also lived in the area, Terry and Harry Stone who lived in the same yard as Brenda, the Gibbons family who lived in Garbett Street, the Savegars who lived in Shakespeare Road, and the Baileys, Arthur, Ken and Robert, who lived opposite in Barker Street.


Most of them have now passed away but I am still in touch with Ken who now lives in Cardiff, having married a Welsh girl. I also have lived for over 30 years in Wales, having moved when Girling’s relocated to Cwmbran in 1983.


Two of my children still live in Halesowen and Stourbridge, and while visiting my daughter in Stourbridge a few weeks ago she took me to the new Library in Centenary Square where we were able to purchase the old maps of Ladywood and what memories they invoked. We walked to the top of the Steps and it all came flooding back - OK maybe we were poor by today`s standards but we were happy and it was a great community to live in.


I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me.



 12th August 2008


February 1967

February 1967

February 1967

18-19 Barker Street, 1967

February 1967

Barker Street corner of Nelson Street

February 1967

This photograph shows Rickett's, Yeoman's

and Clarkes Scrap Yard

Photograph courtesy of Jim Cruise

Jim's nan on the step of 331

Photograph courtesy of Jim Cruise

Barker Street by the steps

Photograph courtesy of Jim Cruise

Looking down to the railway

Photograph courtesy of Jim Cruise