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I have included Bath Row as many people have asked if I could put it on the site

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30th January 2021

Memories of Richard Collins


Photographs and information courtesy of Richard Collins and photographs are copyright of Richard Collins



Bath Row Garage, 140 Bath Row


My late father worked there as a mechanic, until buying the business in the early seventies, until it was sold to a developer in 1990.


I’ve attached some photos that were taken in the 1980’s and up until it was demolished in 1990’s




I wondered if there were any pictures of the garage in earlier years.


This was taken in February 1964


The garage was established in 1910 I believe, when the property belonged to the city council and was leased out, my father eventually brought the freehold from the council.


I would be very interested as we are having a memorial for my father who died 20 years ago this year, he was only 53.


You are more than welcome to use the photos on your website, as it’s a small piece of history that is no longer.



Memories of Bruce Bennett


68 Bath Row - the sign on the wall states "C. Bennett, Printer"

This certificate shows the occupation of Mr. Bennett as "PRINTERS COMPOSITOR"


That Printer’s Compositor was my paternal grandfather, Claude Bennett, the man whose name is on the sign, "C. Bennett, Printer” in the photo of 68 Bath Row that I sent you.

Some of my earliest childhood memories are of sitting in his print shop behind the house on Bath Row watching him set the wooden type and running the big iron printing press when I was 3 years old.

For decades, my granddad published a magazine called The Club Herald (see attached) that gave entertainers and the workingmen’s social clubs where they performed a way to connect with each other in the days long before the internet.

After my grandparents were forced to leave Bath Row, due to urban renewal, my granddad moved his printing shop to the second floor of 7 Edward Street where he operated until he finally sold the business and retired in 1973.



This is printer's composing stick used by a compositor and you placed type in when you took it from the printer's typecase


This is my own "stick" as I also trained as a compositor, Mac

Photograph and information courtesy of Bruce Bennett


19th February 2019

St. Thomas's Church, 1971

St. Thomas's Church, 1971


17th September 2015

Bath Row looking towards St. Thomas's Church

Accident Hospital


29th October 2013




Jones and Barclay on Bath Row



10th September 2013




Davenport's on Bath Row


1st January 2013

Birmingham Accident Hospital Children's Party in 1952

2nd row/3rd from the left is Judith Bruce

Photograph courtesy of Bryan Bates


Some of the names in the photograph courtesy of Bruce Bennett


I told one of my cousins in England about your site and while checking it out, she made an astonishing discovery. Her and a number of my other relatives are pictured in the 1952 Birmingham Accident Hospital Children's Party photo submitted by Bryan Bates.


My cousin, Susan (Griffin) Smith is the little girl in the front row, to the right, wearing the white dress with triangular flags and a headdress, looking straight into the camera. Directly behind her is her mother, Audrey Griffin, holding her brother, Robert Griffin. Edith Bennett, is fourth from the left in the back row, holding my cousin, Janice Brooks, who is the eldest child of Audrey's twin sister, Barbara Brooks. And in the back row, third from the left, the man standing directly behind the pole is Audrey's husband, Milton Griffin.




16th December 2012

68 Bath Row - the sign on the wall states "C. Bennett, Printer"

Photograph courtesy of Bruce Bennett


15th December 2012

Bath Row at the corner of Bishopsgate Street

Bath Row, 1964

Bath Row, 1965


24th January 2012

Bath Row, 22 February 1965

Bath Row, 27 October 1965


29th December 2011

Birmingham Accident Hospital Children's Party in 1952

2nd row/3rd from the left is Judith Bruce

Photograph courtesy of Bryan Bates

October 1965, showing Chequers Walk (just where the girl is crossing)

45 Bath Row, 1967

Davenport's, 1979


The Trees Hotel, 1962

Bath Row towards Islington Row, 1954

116-122 Bath Row, 1953