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30th September 2016

Memories of Christine Robertson nee Drew


Clara Danton 3rd from left on a Derby and Joan trip

Clara Danton 3rd from left on a Derby and Joan trip


Tom and Clara Danton with Winnie and Doris

Bill Drew



Winnie Drew, Christine and Clive Spencer

Tom and Julie Danton in Chamberlain House

Winnie Drew in the middle with the MacMillans



22nd December 2014

Memories of Stephen Byrne

My name is Stephen Byrne now living in Ireland since 2007, however I was looking on your site and it did bring back some happy memories. I am 1 of 7 children and I was born in 1960 at 30 Beech Street and I am sure that looking at the 3rd picture of Beech Street 1967 I am convinced that our house (which we moved from in 1966 to Ward End) is the 3rd one up from the entry on the left, I can remember that our neighbour was a Mrs Peg, but can’t remember if she lived next door or next door but one coming back down towards the entry.


 I can also remember the shop at the end of the road which I think was an outdoor on the corner of Beech Street and Freeth Street and I also remember that all 7 of us kids slept on the 3rd floor bedroom and that there was a huge hole in the bedroom wall between us and the neighbour and there was a sheet of wood against the hole in the wall separating the adjoining neighbours bedroom which we would often move out the way and go into their bedroom and play with 2 young lads from next door.


I have lots of happy memories and recall often pinching milk from the milk floats as they loaded up at the dairy at the bottom of the road and when the houses facing us were demolished and we would all gather up old mattresses and stack them up in front of derelict houses and all the local kids would gather and jump from the second and 3rd floor windows.


Taken in the back yard of 30 Beach Street



7th June 2013


Beach Street  or Beech Street?


I was born in Icknield Port Road in 1933 and  lived there until we moved to Bartley Green about 1955, and we always spelt Beach street as spelt here, I hope this answers your question.                                                      




If you look at the photo of the Beach Street Coronation Day, we  always spelt it this way. I am sure it was Beach on the street sign.


But, when I look at my uncle’s birth certificate of 1918 it is spelt Beech, then my mother’s marriage certificate in 1934, Beach.



Beech Street corner of Monument Road, 1965

Court 2, Beech Street, 1965

Beech Street, 1967

Edith Compton in Beech Street (this is my Gran (Mac Joseph))

The kitchen was to the left and the living room was on the right

Edith Compton, my Gran with her sister, Jerry and Edith's daughter Doll (centre)


Beech Street, 1965


This photo was taken at the Coronation party. My mother, Winnie Drew, is 3rd from the left.


I know the faces of the others, but I cannot remember their names. 


Can anyone help?


Christine Drew



Beech Street Coronation Party

Court 1, Beech Street, 1965

Beech Street, 1965

Court 5, Beech Street, 1965

Beech Street

Beech Street, 1965

1-24 Beech Street, 1964

Beech Street, 1965

Beech Street, 1967

Beech Street, 1965