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8th December 2015

Bellis Street

Photograph courtesy of Albert Moulsdale

Alfredo's fish and chip shop in Bellis Street, this is looking towards Monument Road

Photograph courtesy of Albert Moulsdale


1st  July 2013

Bellis Street, 1969

Bellis Street, 1969

Bellis Street, 1969

Bellis Street, 1969

Workmen for the City Council carrying out repairs

Belliss Street

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge

Bellis Street, 1961


10 Bellis Street, 1961


I have just been admiring your web site and reminiscing about life in the back streets of Brum in the 40's and 50's.


I notice that there are only four pictures of Bellis Street on that page and thought you might be interested in this photo of my parents wedding, Fred and Lily Brain. They lived at 3/20 Bellis Street from 1934 until they were rehoused in 1960 to Kings Norton.



The Lady next to my mother was her sister - Ada Sheldrick who lived at 21 Bellis Street from the early '20s until 1965.


The other two photographs are taken in the yard at the back of 20 Bellis Street, both taken on the same day in 1956.


The first shows me (David Brain) and Carl Norton (with third boy name forgotten) on Jack Kay's BSA outside 2/20.   Note the wash-house in the background.


The second was taken outside 3/20 and shows Jack Kay with his arms round my mother, Mrs Lily Brain and Mrs Norton (soon to be Jacks wife); in the fore ground are Carl Norton, his sister Hazel and an unknown girl.



The picture of my parent's marriage shows the remains of the yard well- pump behind the best man.   I remember electricity being connected in 1950 (I think), and the well-pump, but the well was sealed up when mains water was supplied at the turn of the century.


Though it was only a small street - at one time it boasted three pubs; the Roebuck, Star (later to become Julian and Jim's fish and chip shop) and Monument Tavern (or "Home Brewed").  It also had a barbers shop, a wireless repair shop and telephone exchange.


Hope this might be of interest.


David Brain 


Alfredo's Fish and Chip Shop in Bellis Street

Rear of 12-13 Bellis Street, 1969

Bellis Street, 1956

Bellis Street

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge

This was taken early on a Sunday morning in April, 1966