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6th April 2012

I was interested to see that you have created a page featuring the Scouts. I was a member of the St John’s 282nd troop in the early 50’s. I was a member of the Owl patrol and we won the competition camp held in the Lickeys in 1953. I remember camping in a field in Tal-y-Bont in Wales it was my first trip away from home. I had all of my kit in a sailor’s kit bag and a sheath knife on my belt as I set out for Freeth Street, my mother wept as if she wasn’t going to see me again!


I can’t remember any names but the Scoutmaster had hair on his chest and just as much on his back. It was the only troop to wear a green jersey and the neckerchief was dark blue with sky blue edging, you had to roll it so that the edging formed chevrons. Being a scout taught me to be a team player plus the joy of a steaming mug of cocoa sat round a campfire. Oh yes and singing Green Grow the Rushes O - including verse 3!


Kind regards,

Chris Bird


23rd March 2012

This group was taken by me at camp at Coughton in 1950.


The leader, George Lowe ("Wolf") is on the right. The other adult is Albert Todd, my uncle.


Kind regards




This is the "Owl Patrol" at Coughton in 1951.


I am on the left and (from the left) the others are-Harold Branson, George Gardner, Raymond Neal, Barry Hughes and?


I hope it stirs up memories.


Kind regards





12th March 2012

David Hollingsworth's mention of the Scout Troop brought back lots of memories.


I was a scout in that troop from (about) 1949 to 1953. The leader was called "Wolf" (real name George Lowe) and other adult leaders had names from The Jungle Book-Baloo, Tiger etc. as well as Jaguar.


My family's contact with the group was long standing, dating back to before the 1939-45 War when an uncle, John, was a helper. In my time, another uncle, Albert, was also involved.


There was a lively and active programme in the weekly indoor meetings in Icknield Square and regular short camps at Over Whitacre and Coughton, with longer Summer ones at Tal-Y-Bont on the Welsh Coast. These were well organised and wives of the adults came along to help.


David Todd



17th February 2012

It has occurred to me that I haven’t seen any mention of the Scouts, I was a member of the St John 282, we used to meet upstairs at a place in Icknield Square/Freeth Street, this would have been about 1958.


The small industrial building in Freeth Street, to the foreground, was our headquarters,

through the double gate and up to the first floor.


Hope it jogs a few memories, David


Does anyone have any photos or memories, I do recall that ‘jaguar’ one of our adult leaders drove a Messerschmitt bubble car.


David Hollingsworth