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2nd January 2019

Memories of Margaret Flanagan

My Dad, Tom, worked at Hanger's for 21 years and is pictured in the 1960's in the middle of the photograph with Brian Urch, unfortunately I don't know the other man

Hanger's on Broad Street


18th May 2018

Lee Longlands in 1953

Broad Street in 1953 showing the Singer Shop, Decorwall and West Midland Motors

Broad Street showing Barclays Bank on the corner of Sheepcote Street, 1973

Looking up Broad Street with the Crown Public House on the right, 1952


5th October 2015

Broad Street, 1970

Church of the Messiah, Broad Street,1970


14th December 2014

This is a newspaper cutting from 1964


15th November 2014

Bush House, Broad Street


31st October 2014

Broad Street, 1954

Broad Street


126-135 Broad Street, 1964

Broad Street, Hangers Motors, 1967


17th August 2012

Lee Longlands

Broad Street


24th January 2012


2nd January 2012

Memories of Terry Pearson - photographs are copyright

I have just found your excellent Ladywood website and thought you might like to add the attached photographs of Broad Street to those already uploaded.

The registration plates on the cars (plus my own memories of the address) tell me that my photographs date from the late 1960s - probably 1967 or 1968.


The premises at 174 Broad Street were occupied by my father's company.  He was Albert Edward Pearson (1906-1994) - a director of W H Rhodes and associated companies.  W H Rhodes was the parent company - they had a chain of retail china and glass shops throughout the Midlands.  They also had a commercial catering equipment company called Rhodes (Wholesale Supplies) Ltd which occupied the premises at 174 Broad Street until approximately 1964 when they moved to Nechells.  After that time the premises reverted to a china and glass retail outlet under the W H Rhodes sign.


The premises at 174 Broad Street are visible in the distance in the photo of Broad Street dated 1964 on your website.  However, the signboard in your 1964 photo is still the one for Rhodes (Wholesale Supplies) Ltd - the writing isn't visible in your photo, but the position of the signboard itself enabled me to identify it - it must have been replaced with the W H Rhodes signboard very soon after your 1964 photograph was taken.


The two attached photos (see below) without any buildings were taken approximately opposite the premises at 174 Broad Street - very near the premises formerly occupied by Astley's the theatrical costumers which appear in your 1959 photographs.   Incidentally, you have two photographs showing Astley's - they are both dated 1959 but one may be slightly earlier (or later than the other) as there are quite a few differences in the decoration of the outside of the buildings and the shop signs - take a look and see if you agree!


Anyway, I'll stop rambling at this point and wait to hear from you.  Please feel free to use the photographs if you feel they would be a useful addition to your website.


Very best wishes,


Terry Pearson



Memories of Terry Pearson - photographs are copyright


Redevelopment of Broad Street, looking towards the Swallow Hotel

Photographs courtesy of Terry Pearson

Redevelopment of Broad Street, looking towards

The Children's  Hospital on Ladywood Road

Photographs courtesy of Terry Pearson


1st January 2011

90 Broad Street, 1959

Broad Street, 1955

118 Broad Street, 1953

Rowe Brothers, 257/8 Broad Street, 1952

Broad Street, 1969

Hangers Garage, 1955

Gas Main Fire in Broad Street, 1963

123 Broad Street, 1959

Broad Street/Bridge Street, 1984

Orthopaedic Hospital, 1964


Broad Street, corner of St. Martins Street, 1964


The Crown, 1984

Broad Street, 1959


Broad Street, 1964 

Broad Street corner of Sheepcote Street


Wimbush's on Broad Street 

Broad Street showing Beeny's