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18th March 2021

Memories of Anne Bowen



Garage at the rear of 50 Browning Street, 1949


Rear of 47 and 48 Browning Street, 1952


I was born Anne Waterhouse in 50 Browning Street in 1946, so I was 3yrs old when this photo is said to have been taken. We were all forcibly moved out a few years later due to the demolishing and rebuilding programme, but that's a separate story.


Your photograph looks like the old stable block at the rear of the enclosed yard owned by my family and where my grandfather used to keep his horse (coalman, 1930s/40s) and later my father kept his lorry (coalman, 1940s/50s). I don't know why the car is there. We didn't have one.


I remember my father's greenhouse, which he erected, and the shed and brewhouse on the other side.


Unfortunately, almost all the earlier generation are now deceased and there is only me (b1946) and my sister Mary (b1932) left.


Although we usually kept the big gates open during the day, only our family normally had access to the yard.


The photograph of the car and garage (ex-stable block). The quality is truly excellent, and I can now see that the car is indeed raised on a screw jack for maintenance.


The entrance gates to our yard, with that garage at the rear, were between No52 the Sportsman Inn (closed when I knew it in the 1940s/50s) on one side and No50 Browning Street (originally named Tindal Street) on the other. No50 was my home when I was a child, but it had earlier been a small grocer’s shop run by my granny (Frances Waterhouse, nee Copson).


On the other side of No50 was a narrow walk-through alley. I think it might officially have been called Rosemary Avenue, but to us kids it was known as Muck Alley. The alley led to a court, back of No50, with around 8 houses.


I have attached a small plan of the No50 property.



15th April 2016

Memories of Sheila Hardwick nee Ridley

Just been browsing your excellent site, noticed a few comments from people who lived in Browning street. Namely Nash, Clarke, Hart. I lived 2/58 Browning Street from 1940 to 1953.


I remember the factory where we played on the "big step" played hop scotch with s tin of polish on the flagstones. As well as whip and top, marbles, tag, skipping, kerby, to mention just a few.


The names I remember, were Hart I think it was patty I played with, as well as a girl that lived next door to them, can’t remember her name. My brother Eddy was big friends with a couple of the Hart boys, he was also friends with I think it was Tommy Clarke. My other friend was Barbara Eden, she had sisters Rose and Jean they were older, and Pat and Eileen were younger. I remember the name Waldron, Payne, and there was a lady, I think her name was Nellie.


The shop in the street I think was called Perry’s. Nobody had much money but we enjoyed ourselves. The men always put on a good bonfire for us with potatoes and chestnuts, we did penny for the guy. Went carol singing and I remember the snow 1947 when the men had cleared a path up the street the snow was piled about 6ft high.


Regards to anyone who may remember this.



5th October 2015

Can you help me please?


My father Roy Fisher would like to make contact with person(s) who saved a factory from going up in flames. The exact dates/year are not known...but a guess would be around 1957. My dad together with the night watchman and the below mentioned helped in preventing a fire that was well alight from spreading at THOMAS CHATWIN & Co.  plus PIERCEY & Co. in Great Tindal Street.


Those involved were Kenneth Stokes, then of 15 Browning Street, Kenneth Jackson of 1/50 Johnstone Street, my dad who resided at 11 Browning Street and Patrick Plunkett of 60 Morville Street. All four lads were aged between 17-19 at the time.


My father is in poor health. I am sure finding the whereabouts of the above would give him a lift. I have attached a newspaper cutting which I hope will jog a few memories.


Hope to hear from anyone soon.


Kind regards




Anthony Fisher



4th February 2008

8 back 50 Browning Street, May 1950

32-33 Browning Street, September 1950

Browning Street, May 1950

5-50 Browning Street, May 1950 

A. V. Ashbourne, Shopkeeper


S. Taylor & Co. Ltd., Construction Engineers


Ladbrook Stampings, Sheet Metal Pressings


W. T. French & Son, Spraying Machines

(Mysto Works)


9-15 Browning Street

This business invoice is dated 1939

and the amount is for 6s. 8d.

Browning Street corner of Morville Street, 1964

Browning Street

Old business letterhead, dated 1935

 for the amount of 4  0s.  11d

15-32 Browning Street

1-15 Browning Street