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21st May 2021

Wimbush's in Camden Street, 1967


August 1967



3rd November 2019

Memories of Gail Warwood


I was looking at your site, I often do and I stumbled across a photograph of Camden Street School Dance, 1948 with the names Billy Pond, Wally Stokes, Albert Goody and Kenny Walters…. I believe Wally Stokes is the very same gentleman that lives around the corner from me.  This Wally Stokes was married to Barbara, sadly she passed over some 3 maybe 4 years ago.  I will make a point of seeing Wally and asking if this handsome young man is infant his good self.


Also, I would like to share with you my dear late father, Tex Warwood, was born in 1931, one of nine children, dads family lived in Camden Street, Hockley, Birmingham (next door to the Bayliss’s - Philip Bayliss lives in the road I grew up in Great Barr. 


Dad went to Camden Street School and I thought later he went to St. Paul’s School; however, I can’t seem to find a St. Paul’s School.  I know dad went to St. Paul’s Boys Brigade - I have a photograph somewhere if you would be interested.


I have attached our photograph of my dearest dad, Tex Warwood in his school photograph at Camden Street School.  Dad is on the top/back row, first on the left, we are guessing dad would be around 6 or 7 years of age, so this photograph would be dated around 1937c - you are welcome to use this on your website.



St Pauls Junior School was just out of reach of Ladywood, it was actually on the corner of Warstone Lane and Spencer Street in the Jewellery Quarter.  Although went to Nelson Street School I also went to St Pauls for a few weeks too.  I used to jump on the Number 19 bus outside Hickman’s, King Edward Road and travel up Powel street and through the Jewellery Quarter and got off by Spencer Street, I did this with a Red plastic token that was given to me each day by the School Secretary because, well, to be truthful, we had no money, quite poor really, but hey, so what, I'm a Brummie!



11th May 2014

Camden Street School, 1961



269-270 Camden Street, the name above the shop is John Clarke, Pawnbroker, 1967



3rd December 2012

Mrs. Westwood's shop in Camden Street in the 60's


The local corner shop



23rd April 2012


Two photographs of Debbie Hall at 347 Camden Street


Camden Street taken in 1950


Camden Street corner of Ellen Street, 1967


334 Camden Street, 1969


374 Camden Street, 1969

Having found your website, my parents ran the Grotto Vaults”.


My parents were George and Meg Greathead , both now deceased.  The Grotto was next to a factory called I think, Wilmott Breeden, and ran the pub from about 1958. It was on the right hand side going down the street before you got to the school.


My siblings were Gina, Margaret, Hilary, Leonard and Tony, who sadly passed away last November. Maybe someone will remember.


Mrs. Muriel Thresher, nee Greathead  


October 1969


345 Camden Street, October 1969

Camden Street corner of Rosebery Street

October 1954


Camden Street corner of Ellen Street, 1967

Camden Street, 1969


Stern & Bell, Camden Street

October 1969


February 1954