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1st December 2020

Memories of Camden Street School Nativity 1967





3rd November 2019

Memories of Gail Warwood


Dad went to Camden Street School and I thought later he went to St. Paulís School; however, I canít seem to find a St. Paulís School.  I know dad went to St. Paulís Boys Brigade - I have a photograph somewhere if you would be interested.


I have attached our photograph of my dearest dad, Tex Warwood in his school photograph at Camden Street School.


Dad is on the top/back row, first on the left, we are guessing dad would be around 6 or 7 years of age, so this photograph would be dated around 1937c - you are welcome to use this on your website.



30th March 2017


Camden Street School Dance

10th June 1944





21st December 2015


Camden Street Junior School 1962




I'm third from the right, middle Row.


Anyone recognise themselves?


Photograph courtesy of  Bill Williamson


Camden Street Schools, 23rd December 1940





1st April 2015


Camden Street Infant and Junior School, date not known but round about 1949 or 1950.




Tony and Brian Dean are back row 10th and 11th from the left.


Photograph courtesy of Tony Dean


28th November 2012

The Playground


The Playground



Mrs. Mills, teacher



View of the School


13th June 2011

A group of youngsters listening to a talk from Joseph Lucas staff







Camden Street School Dance 1946-7

Billy Pond, Wally Stokes, Albert Goody and Kenny Walters


Camden Street Football Team

Camden Street School, 1961

The school in 1972