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3rd November 2019

Memories of Fraser Barnes






Hello again Mac, further to the pic I posted to you earlier this month, here's another from the same day at Clark St.


It features my older brother Stuart Barnes and twin baby sisters Julie and Lisa. I don't know the identity of the mom or the boy on her lap and the dark-haired girls.


I would love to hear from anyone who lived by us at the time, judging from the baby girls, I'd say it was circa 1967 and I think we lived at number 99.


Once again, many thanks.



17th October 2019


Memories of Fraser Barnes



Hello, here is a pic of my family from Clark St. Ladywood circa 1968.


We lived, I think at number 99. Pictured here are my family - Mom Tina, my brothers Stuart and Neil, my twin sisters Julie and Lisa.


We don't know the identity of the dark-haired girl.


Please get in touch if anybody remembers us through the contact on this website.



4th July 2017



Clark Street, 1968


Primrose Place, Clark Street, 1968


21st April 2017

Memories of Sheila Bromley

The following pictures are the one with the two men was taken in the garden of 2/59 Clark Street and is my Dad Mick Bromley and his brother in law Alfred Griffiths (with hat)


The one of the girl guide is me in the back garden of my Nan's house 42 Clark Street and was taken in 1952.






28th March 2017

Memories of Terence Molly and Luckman's Shop


My memories of Luckman’s the Paper Shop at 36 Clark Street just below Addie's shop


I worked for Mr Luckman in 1964, I did seven morning rounds and seven evening rounds because on a Saturday I had to take the Sports Argo round. Mr Luckman’s shop had gas mantles, I got 11 shillings a week paid on a Saturday night with a 10-shilling note and a shilling coin. Happy days!!


Terence Molly I lived at 63 Clark Street


10th March 2017

Memories of Greg Hill

An excellent site that brings memories flooding back. Our family lived in Clark Street. While my two brothers were born in Hospital I was born in the house 9/61.




Addresses, of course, in old terraced housing, invariably related to the house on the front of the main road. Thus, ours was at the 'back of' 61, which was Addie’s shop shown in your fabulous 1960 picture with Addie herself outside. I remember the shop and her so very well — you could buy Bazookas from the chewing gum machine outside. Mum used to natter with other neighbours in the shop for hours. These were meeting places after the kids went to school. No coffee bars and mum networks in those days. And, of course, you could walk in and buy things and put them 'on the slate'.


Behind the shop was the 'Molloy's' house in what we called 'The Blue Yard'. It was great to see Paul's comments which brought back so many memories. As Paul says, Lynn lived at Addie’s as did Noel.


So, attached is a photograph of many mentioned. At the back on the left is Paul Molloy with me standing next to him. Sitting in the back row left to right: Kevin Molloy, Terry Molloy and Tim Hill (my brother). Front row left to right: Martin Molloy and Noel Crabtree (Lynn's brother). It's strange how some things stick in the mind. I always remember that Noel's birthday is 13th November. (I remember as it was exactly a week before mine so it heralded a countdown!). The photo was taken in about 62/63 by my brother Tony, who also with comments here. We started a football team and called ourselves Radford Rangers. Noel was the youngest but very keen to be involved in all the games.


I've also added a picture looking down our 'entry' which was 3 yards into the 'labyrinth'. The woman on the far right is my mum, May Hill with our aunt and cousins. I've included this as it's such a good shot of our house on the left and the Pritchard's just beyond it (Val, Janet and Susan lived there). The two families with three boys and three girls all shared one outside toilet down the entry and on the left. More importantly, historically, it shows a 'brew house' at the end of the 'entry'. There were two adjacent to each other. In Victorian days, it would have been a place for washing; by the 50s and 60s they were invariably used for storage. Paul also mentioned bonfire night which was very much the highlight of the year. The brew house was where we stored 'the plunder' we gathered from September onwards! Great days.


If anyone has photographs relating to the yards and street showing different perspectives it would be great to see them! Well done and happy memories to all.


Greg Hill

9/61 Clark St



16th January 2017

Memories of Mike Sloyans

I would like to share a photograph of my family "The Sloyans" taken in 1968 when we lived at 14 Reservoir Avenue, Clark Street. Standing from the left are my sister Elizabeth, Kathleen, myself and then Helena. Seated from the left are Dolores, John, Loretta and Mary. There was also Margaret and Jimmy who were not there on the day of the photograph for some reason.


Our immediate neighbours in Reservoir Avenue at the time were the Duffy’s, the Edgingtons, The Wrights, and the Atkins. Reservoir Avenue ran alongside Osler Street School and took you from Clark Street to Osler Street level with where the Buddhist temple is now. We had great times as children there. It gave us direct access to "The Rezza" which we regarded as our own seaside in the city.


The avenue was full of large families and so was always noisy with children running up and down and all the dogs running wild.


This website is a wonderful resource and has brought back many wonderful memories. It would be lovely to catch up others who lived in or around Reservoir Avenue.



20th November 2016

Memories of Tony Hill

I was interested to read the comments of Pete Mardon. Pete probably will not remember me. I knew him through Roy Norris, who was my first friend. Roy and I lived opposite each other in Clark Street during the 1950's and part of the 1960's. I remember his older brothers, Johnny, Colin and Keith and the many games of football in the "big yard" during the long summer nights.


I would be interested to hear more about what happened to Roy, if Pete, or anyone who may have further information, should read this.


I also well remember Paul Molloy and his large family. They lived close by.


The photograph of Addie outside her shop also brought back fond memories.


3rd August 2016

Memories of Sheila Niven




Photograph of 67 Clark Street with Alexander and Matilda Reeves outside.  The two gentlemen on the left are the Rowe brothers who lodged with the Reeves for a while.  I think the photograph was taken around 1910.


They are recorded on the 1881 census as living in this house and were still there until they both died in 1920.  



Photograph courtesy of Sheila Niven


This photograph is Copyright - see copyright statement on the Home Page


18th July 2016

Memories of Lynn Crabtree




My name is Pete Mardon, it was great to be reminded of Addies shop in Clarke Street with that super photo.


My best mate was Roy Norris who was related to the Carr’s so we spent a lot of time round there. I remember Addie and Elsie Carr well, they were lovely people. It was also nice to see Paul Molloy’s response too, I used to go out with his sister Von. Paul and his brothers were like family to me I spent many a happy hour in their house back in the 60’s, those were the days.


Sadly my mate Roy is no longer with us, he would have loved that photo.


Pete Mardon




My name is Paul Molloy who lived next door to the lady in the photo. It was known as Addies shop locally, along with my 3 brother’s Terry, Kevin, and martin quite often went in there to buy sweets from the tuppence tray or the threepence tray. Lynn lived there with her mom and brother noel.


Have many great memories of living there.


Regards Paul






I remember Lynn Crabtree's nan, someone in the shop used to make what we called toffee in different flavours, if we had any money we used to buy some on the way to school. I lived at 48 Clark Street then.


In 1957 I had left school and my Mom and Dad moved up the road to 2/59 Clark Street, that was the terrace by the shop. My Mom was very friendly with the people in the shop, although I always knew them by the name Hanley and not Carr, they had relatives called Norris who we also saw a lot of.

There was a baby called Noel, not sure if he lived in the shop or just visited.


I joined the WRAF in 1958 and when I got married in December 1960 my mom had the cake made and it was made by someone in the shop.


The photo is of Noel and me in 1957 I think.


Sheila Rushworth (nee Bromley)








Memories of Lynn Crabtree



1960   1956   1964


Does anyone remember this lady and her shop?

She's my Nan, Adelaide Carr nee Hanley.

This was our grocery shop on Clark Street, opposite the Follett Osler school.

We left in 1966 when they started demolishing the area.

This photo was taken around 1960.


Photograph courtesy of Lynn Crabtree


8th December 2015







View looking across to Clark Street from Reservoir Road

with Osler Street School on the left of the photograph


Photograph courtesy of Albert Moulsdale


18th February 2015


Memories of Aldene Stevens

I was born at 29 Clark Street in 1957. and my family consisted of 7 sisters and 2 brothers. We are the Courtney family.


We all attended the Oratory school, we had the time of our life, never a dull moment and of course never no peace and quiet. Saturday nights were `bath` nights scrubbed with Lifebouy soap, for mass the next day.

The house always smelled of shoe polish, as our dad would polish all our shoes.


School holidays were spent either at the rezza or Summerfield  Park, playing rounder’s; the best was when the boys made a moke and we would go up and down the street on it.


We had free school dinners during the holidays; we had to go over to Follett Osler School for them.


It is strange how as we get older how we remember and if I could have it all back tomorrow I would.


Those were the days my friends......


16th February 2011


Clark Street in the 60's

42-60 Clark Street, 1968

Clark Street

90-108 Clark Street, 1968

Clark Street, 1968

Court 20, Clark Street

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge


Oxford Place, Clark Street

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge