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21st December 2015

Memories of Jeff Lawlor

The Photographs Ingemar Lindhal took are fantastic, memories come flooding back as I knew a few of those kids.  I came from Clement Street, times were hard, but no harder than anyone else I suppose!


I look at those photos and realise that they were really bad slums, but we knew no different then!  No one had a bathroom, no one had any form of heating except a coal fire, that's if you could afford coal! never mind the deposit for the Barrow!!


We had one blanket on our bed with about six old worn out Overcoats thrown on for good measure, no Sheets!! Believe it or not!


I look back now and all I see are good times, but I think that is an illusion, it really was hard, many a time the Headmaster of Nelson Street School (Mr Lubbock) would call me to his office and give me a little Brown (tied up) parcel to take home!  It was a second hand clothes parcel for us three kids!  Ah, bless him!


Now I sit here with my iPad, in a lovely self-built house overlooking the Sea, Central Heating pumping warmth out, and a glass of Red wine, having just had a nice salad at teatime and thinking how fortunate I now am!



4th April 2011


I was born in 2 back of 8 Clement Street in 1957, my two older brothers were born there as well and went to one of the schools there.

I have two photos, taken in 1960/61,which were took at the school with my two brothers on them;

I don't know what school it was as I never asked them.

The top photo. My other brother Jeffrey Morris is third row up second from left.

The bottom photo, my brother Melvin Morris is in the first row in the middle.




Thank you, Michael Morris


May 1960


February 1967

February 1967

Clement Street, 1962

Clement Street, 1965

Clement Street, 1964

Clement Street, 1961