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26th November 2011

My name is Graham Mould and I live in the city of Geelong in Victoria, Australia. As a boy I attended Osler Street School and lived for several years at 5 Coxwell Road, Ladywood. The house was on the corner of Coxwell and Oliver Roads.


I became aware of your website over this past weekend and thought you would find the attached photographs of interest. They were taken from my bedroom which looked on to Oliver Road. They would have been taken around 1954+. The Ford Anglia pictured in photograph was first released in 1953.


The corner of Coxwell Road and Oliver Road

Oliver Road looking towards Monument Road with the classroom roof of the Oratory School

at the extreme right hand side of the photograph.

With regards



Coxwell Road at the corner of Oliver Road

39-45 Coxwell Road taken in 1968

Coxwell Road, 1967

20-45 Coxwell Road, 1968

7-20 Coxwell Road, 1968

Coxwell Road looking from Reservoir Road

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge - photograph is copyright

39-45 Coxwell Road, 1968

30-43 Coxwell Road, 1967