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13th March 2008

The Crown Cinema 


We are the boys and girls all known as minors of the A B C,

every Saturday we'd line up

to sing the songs we like

and shout aloud with glee,

we like to march and

have a sing song,

what a happy crowd are we

we're all pals together

we're Minors of the A B C

Courtesy of Dave Bowen

Photograph taken in January 2008


Photographs courtesy of Joe Reilly - all photographs are copyright


My brother Graham was a paperboy for the Newsagents on the corner of Icknield Port Road and the entrance to the 'Res'. In the late 50's the shop was run by an ex-policeman who had a free pass for the Cinema because of the 'Billboard' on the side of the shop.


The paper boys used the pass in turn, about once every three weeks, -- two free seats.


Best memory ---- watching a three reel John Wayne film---- which were shown in the order


1, 3, 2.


A few jeers, but we all sat through it; have seen it many times since on TV, but preferred the ' Crown version'.


Edward Colson --- moved from 5/273 Icknield Port Road  (opposite the 'Res' entrance) in 1960, to a new flat in Erdington ---- but Mom missed the 'Old 2 up 2 down, back to back house'.

Edward Colson


I have some fond memories of the Crown; I used to sneak in many times when I was a kid. I got caught once and was kicked out of the front door, but it never stopped me.


Bunnie Benton