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24th December 2017


20th March 2016


12th June 2015

Barry Ruddock, 1975


I have just come across your website with particular interest in the above company for whom my father and I both worked - my father from 1937 and myself from 1958 - both until approx. 1970.

Please find attached 2 photographs that could be of interest.

The first shows my father (Southern Area Sales Manager (centre)) receiving a selling award from Frank Jones (Sales Director). Seated is Sir Alec Hastilow (Chairman).

The second image is of DB's Southern Depot at Milford, Surrey where my father had his office.


Michael Gauntlett

The Printing Section of Dockers

Roy Branton and John Martin

Sub-station No. 2

Cartoon from Dockers during the 70's

Cartoon for The Transport Department

Dockers Fire Team

Arthur Poiner in the Thinners department