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18th May 2018


Freeth Street, 1967

Freeth Street, 1966


17th September 2015

61-62 Freeth Street, 1965

Freeth Arms, 1965


59-60 Freeth Street, 1965

61-62 Freeth Street, 1965



30th November 2014

Memories of Jean Carole Wardell






I have just been given this photo of me aged about four in the backyard in Freeth Street



5th August 2014

Memories of Jeannette Barker


I have just seen the pictures and message from Carol regarding Freeth Street, my husband went to school with Donald Reeves and in later years I worked with his niece Janet. My husband used to live in Freeth Street, his name was John Wallbridge b1936 he later changed his surname when he was adopted by his cousin and became John Barker.





11th July 2014

Memories of Carol Myer (nee Rose)


Hello, my name is Carol Myer (nee Rose). I am originally from Birmingham, now living in the States. I was looking at the Old Ladywood site, and I see that you accept photos from viewers.


I have 3 photos that I would like to share. My maternal grandparents lived at 11 Freeth Street in Ladywood for years, until the houses were torn down to make way for high-rises (in the early 1970's, I think). There are photos on your site of their house on Freeth Street. My mom and her 2 younger brothers grew up there, the family name was Reeves, my grandparents were May and John Reeves.


My mom, Jeanne, was born in 1926, and her brother John (aka Bill) in 1930, and Donald in 1936. There is a photo of my mom out the back of Freeth St when she was about 13, right about when the war broke out. There is another photo of my mom and her mates sitting by the reservoir, on their way to the Tower Ballroom, probably late 1940's.


I don't know who the other women are, maybe someone will recognize them (mom is 2nd from the right, with a white bow in her hair). The third photo is of me behind my Nan’s home on Freeth Street, I think around 1960. I was about 4, and I was with a boy that came over to play when I was at my Nan’s.  I can’t remember the boy's name; again, maybe someone will recognize him from the photo. I think he, or his Nan lived across the back from Freeth St (Icknield Square?).


I hope you can share my photos, thanks for the great website.



Jeanne and her friends

Jeanne Reeves

Carol with a neighbour

Do you know the name of the little boy?




23rd June 2004

Memories of Jean Carole Wardell



This is Mom and Dad and my sister Joan and me in the back yard in Freeth Street in about 1946-7,

they look drained after the war years

Mom and Dad's wedding



This is a picture of me and my sisters Joan and baby Janet outside our house in Freeth Street,

a few years on from the one with mom and dad


1 June 2004

1-12 Freeth Street 1967

99-105 Freeth Street, 1967

Holder's Garage, 93 Freeth Street, 1968

Freeth Street,1965