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21st November 2017 / 13th September 2017

UPDATES - Thanks to Sue Head, Lyn Gaylor and Sandra Evans for all your help


I have a reference for a Miss I Brecknell who worked at the Self Sealing Rubber Co on Ryland Street.  The reference is dated April 30th 1924 and she had worked there for seven years in the general office and as a ledger clerk.  This must be the Irene who has the Letters from Jim.


I was thinking he might have two women but as I write this he also writes to a "Brecky" which I have been reading as Becky, but this is obviously a nickname coming from her name. - SUE HEAD




Hi, I have an old postcard photograph of two ladies on holiday in 1935 addressed to Mr & Mrs Bruckwell, 3 Omar Place, Friston Street, Ladywood, Birmingham and wondered if you would like it for your archives or website? - LYN GAYLOR




I've just seen your post on the Friston Street page dated 13/09/2017.


I'm not sure if you have had any replies back about it yet, but this is what I've found so far & hope it is of some help.


James McDonald Married Irene Foden (this was her mother's maiden name) Brecknell - March 1921 - Vol 6D Page 592.


Irene's birth details are Irene Foden Brecknell - 30/07/1899, Birmingham, Warwickshire - Vol 6D Page 33.

Her fatherís name was George Brecknell & her mother was Edith J Foden.


I've also found the 1901 census & the 1911 (taken on the 02/04/1911) living at 3 Omar Place, 77 Friston Street, Ladywood.


On the 1939 reg they were both living in Colchester, Essex. this is where Irene died - Reg date August 1989 Vol 9 Page 1907.


I have been trying to find out about James McDonald, can you tell me where you found the address of 51 Anderton Street from?


I have found a birth record for a James McDonald born 1897 Birmingham Vol 06D Page 173 - mother's maiden name McDonald, but I can't be sure if this is the same James. - SANDRA EVANS 




These are postcards sent during the First World War from J. McDonald of 51 Anderton Street to

Miss J. Brecknell or Bucknell of Omar Place. 3 back of 77 Friston Street. Ladywood.


The big question is did they eventually marry?


The photographs, we think are of the couple, but not to sure.


These were kindly donated to the site by Sue Head, to whom I am most grateful





51 Anderton Street

During 1915 the address, which seems to be a shop, was occupied by William Grendon, Hardware Dealer; then Mrs. Beatrice Swan, draper;  Albert Hemming, Confectioner and then Sarah Genge, Confectioner.


The Smith family occupied the house in 1956.



Omar Place, 3 back of 77 Friston Street

I have marked Omar Place in yellow on the above map


In 1956 the house was occupied by The Cumberworth family

These are the postcards sent




16th August 2017

Field Service Postcard sent to Miss Bucknall, Friston Street, February 1918 from J. McDonald

Field Service Postcard sent to Miss Bucknall, Friston Street, September 1918 from J. McDonald


9th February 2009

Albert Place, 1 Friston Street, 1947

Albert Place, 1 Friston Street

Friston Street

Friston Street

Friston Street Children's Coronation Celebrations 1937



Mac Norton with his cousin, Pat in Friston Street











(1) Matthew Cumberworth (Policeman) and

(2) Eliza Cumberworth, my gran


75 Friston Street

Friston Street

Albert Place, 1 Friston Street, 1947

49 Friston Street

Friston Street

Friston Street