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25th June 2021


Medal for Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth

Dated May 1937

Inscription reads " Garbett Street Coronation Party"


29th October 2020

Memories of Lorraine Williams (nee Giblen)

Hi Mac good to see the new photographs and memories you have recently updated on this unique history of Ladywood.


The memories of Neill Ward about his gran and her friends in the Beehive pub in Garbett St Included my mother Jean Giblen.

These ladies were drinking in what was known as the passage. They all worked hard, and this was where they could relax. I recall the songs they would all sing in the pub many a rendition of Bye Bye Black Bird, Roll a Silver Dollar, if you knew Suzie, Oh you beautiful Doll, You made me love you and many more.


My brother and I were looked after by Neall's gran Rose at dinner time while mom was at work. She cooked great chips. Rose also worked as a barmaid at the Beehive. The price of half of mild ale which they are drinking was 7 old pennies. The pub closed at 10 and they would all meet up at the Beehive for the last half hour happy days.





Memories of Neill Ward


I was having a conversation with my dad Ray, about him growing up in Ladywood and he sent me this picture of Ladywood women having a hard-earned drink.

My gran, Rose Ward, front left, behind her is Molly Brown, centre is Gene Giblin, behind her is "Dodo" (nickname) third from left is Gladys Brae and far right is my great gran Edie Ward.

Picture took in the late 1950's at the Beehive pub in Garbett Street, Ladywood.

Many thanks to Neill for the use of the photograph and information





19th May 2014

The corner of Garbett Street and King Edward's Road


22nd March 2013

The Beehive


Garbett Street, 1967