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20th November 2016

Memories of Marion Best Nee Todd


Marion Best nee Todd as a Girl Guide in around 1952/3.

Marion thinks they met at Monument Road and are there any other Brownies out there who remember her and where they met?



12th April 2012



Please find attached a picture of my wonderful nan, Minnie Violet Grice, she was born on 16 November 1909 and lived in Summer Hill Street.


This, of course, is a photo of her in her girl guide’s uniform and she is approximately 15 years of age.


If anyone could give us additional information about Minnie, it would be gratefully received. 







17th February 2012



Beatrice Mary Cuff, 4/58 Osler Street


Taken when she was in the Chaffinch's at St. George's Guides, Waterworks Road


Photograph courtesy of Barbara Cawley