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13th April 2019

Grosvenor Street West, 1961

Grosvenor Street West, 1961


25th August 2017 and 18th February 2019

Memories of John Trow

As many others have done I just came across your great site.


My family lived in 4/30 Grosvenor Street West from the early 1900 until 1950. I was also born there in 1949.


I have been told that my great grandmother Mary Ann Walters (apparently known as Polly) acted as the local midwife, whether officially or unofficially.


I would love to know if anyone has any recollections of her?


My Grandmother Daisy Baker (nee Walters) also lived there and in Sherborne Street.


So, any information on the Walters and Bakers from this time would be good to hear.


Response from M. Kemp

I knew your great grandmother very well - in fact she probably brought me and my brothers and sisters into the World.


I think your mom was probably named Theresa.  I have a vague recollection of her coming to stay with Mrs. Walters and she had a new baby (which must have been you).


I played with Jimmy, Barbara and Sheila Mullins who also lived there - these would have been your cousins.  I would love to hear from these old play mates if you are still in touch.


A blast from the past indeed.




14th December 2015


My name is Lorraine Green (formerly Chambers) and I lived in Grosvenor Street West, Ladywood, Birmingham and went to St Francis' School, Brougham Street.


Are there any girls out there who went there as well?


The head teacher was Sister Collette.


6th August 2013

Grosvenor Street West, 1954

Grosvenor Street West, 1964

Grosvenor Street West

Grosvenor Street West, 1961

Celebrations in Grosvenor Street West

Alan Billington in Grosvenor Street West

Grosvenor Street West, 1961

Grosvenor Street West

Grosvenor Street West, 1961

Grosvenor Street West, 1960

Grosvenor Street West, 1961

The White Swan, Grosvenor Street West, 1961