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23rd November 2019

Memories of Steve Croton



I lived on Gt Tindal Street around 1960, thatís me in the photo on the right aged 4.


I was hoping to find my old friend Charlie.


My Dads name was Len and my momís Jean. We had an Alsatian called Rex.


I went to the local infantís school for about 2 years, but I canít think of its name. Sorry I donít have any more photos


Kind regards





5th October 2015



Can you help me please?


My father Roy Fisher would like to make contact with person(s) who saved a factory from going up in flames. The exact dates/year are not known...but a guess would be around 1957. My dad together with the night watchman and the below mentioned helped in preventing a fire that was well alight from spreading at THOMAS CHATWIN & Co.  plus PIERCEY & Co. in Great Tindal Street.


Those involved were Kenneth Stokes, then of 15 Browning Street, Kenneth Jackson of 1/50 Johnstone Street, my dad who resided at 11 Browning Street and Patrick Plunkett of 60 Morville Street. All four lads were aged between 17-19 at the time.


My father is in poor health. I am sure finding the whereabouts of the above would give him a lift. I have attached a newspaper cutting which I hope will jog a few memories.


Hope to hear from anyone soon.


Kind regards




Anthony Fisher



18 May 2008

Gt. Tindal Street

Gt. Tindal Street

Gt. Tindal Street, 1954

Gt. Tindal Street from Ledsam Street

Gt. Tindal Street corner of St. Vincent Street, 1964

1 Gt. Tindal Street


Gt. Tindal Street, 1954

Gt. Tindal Street looking towards

Ledsam Street

Gt. Tindal Street/Ledsam Street, 1964