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25th August 2017



Hyde Road viewed from Clark Street


Photograph copyright and courtesy of Bob Claridge


28th January 2016

Memories of Elizabeth McGreevy nee Dean

I lived in Leslie Road until I was 20 then I got married in 1951 we lived with my in laws in Sefton Road while my husband was doing his national service my paternal grandparents kept the grocery shop on the corner of Hyde Road and Coxwell Road my grandfather used to make pop which he sold for 1/2penny our address was Edgbaston but the one side of Reservoir Road was classed as Ladywood, but our side was Edgbaston.



I remember the zoo animals were kept in the Reservoir during the war a black bear escaped and ended up in the shed in our backyard it smashed my dolls house my parents were given 2shillings and sixpence in compensation but my dolls house was never replaced.


I have many happy memories of my childhood we did not have a bathroom but we did have our own toilet. I will be 85 in March and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me my maiden name was Dean and I went to the Oratory School.


20th January 2007

Coronation celebrations in Hyde Road, 1953

Photo courtesy of Christopher Brayshaw - copyright


1-47 Hyde Road, 1968

66-78 Hyde Road, 1968


8-22 Hyde Road, 1965

Hyde Arms, 1961


60-78 Hyde Road, 1968

1-93 Hyde Road, 1969


8-22 Hyde Road, 1965