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These are a selection of photographs and need to be identified

I have numbered each photograph so please quote the number if you know anyone on these photographs

16th November 2013


These are collection of photographs from Ingemar Lindahl who visited Ladywood in 1964


In 1964, late July and early August, a number of young people from many parts of the world had met via an international youth organisation to do some voluntary work in a very battered and worn part of Ladywood, mainly around St. Mark's Street and Alexandra Street. We ate and slept in the old Summerhill Methodist Church and spent the days building a very basic playground for the children, and doing some decorating/house painting and elementary household repairs.


I took a number of photos, mostly of the people in the neighbourhood and of ourselves.


Picture 1

Alan Mann

Thanks to Joe Reilly for the information

Picture 2

Picture 3

Dora from Holland and Andrianary from Madagascar

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Andrew ????

Picture 8

Picture 9

Mabel Greaves

Picture 10

Jesse Greaves, a lifelong member of the Summerhill Methodist Church

Picture 11

Janna from Holland

Picture 12

The lad nearest to the camera (looking) is "Pikie" Dowdaw and the lad furthest away (looking at the camera) is Kenny Rabone! Everybody new Kenny for better or for worse!

Thanks to Jeff for the information

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

Desmond (Dessie) Hopcroft looking straight at the camera, name courtesy of  Peter Davies

Picture 18

Picture 19

The man at the top with his arms folded is Frank Dempsey, who passed away not many years after, if you follow the line across from him the boy with his hand in his mouth being held by his sister was Robert Fenney aged 4, his sister is Susan Fenney aged 14. Robert is no longer with us he passed away couple of years ago, we all lived at 130 Anderton Street.


Thanks to Michael Fenney for the information

Picture 20

Ingemar Lindahl is in the middle of the photograph

Picture 21

Picture 22

George Burns, also called Robbie Burns, because he was writing poems

that appeared locally now and then.

He was a park keeper and was well liked by everyone

Picture 23

Picture 24

The little girl at the front is Tina Wahab

Thanks to Elizabeth Barnes

Picture 25


Picture 26

Ingemar with Cathleen?