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27th July 2018



A. T. Gittins & Son Ltd., Irving Street corner of Bow Street, 1965 


11th May 2018

91 Irving Street, 1962

Irving Street corner of Piggott Street, 1958

Irving Street, 1961

The Dolphin Public House

174 Irving Street

Closed its doors in 1960


4th August 2014

Photographs from Beryl Phillips (nee Evans)


My name is BERYL PHILLIPS, (NEE EVANS), my father, Ted Evans and his 2 brothers, Ernie and John Evans were Greengrocers.


We had stables for 3 horses and they were used to pull the greengroceries on carts and the round was three different areas of Harborne.


We lived at 210 Irving Street and Sundays was "mucking out day", then my uncle took the horse muck mixed with straw to sell for manure for the gardens (posh area Harborne, the one's with gardens!!)


There was a Ferrier to shoe the horses at the other end of Irving Street, two streets past "Bradshaws" he was on the corner of Irving Street and another street, I can't remember the name of.


We lived there till 1958 then it was demolished.


Mom and dad lived there between 1940-1958, an outside toilet but still had no bathroom.


Dad with the Horse and Dog in our back yard


Dad coming out of the "small gate"

(big one leads to the stables and storage")

Uncle John and his brother Ted

in "our back yard"




16th July 2014

Photographs from Peter Marriott - photographs are copyright

Me and my bro in 1960s Xmas in our back to back house in Irving Street

Alan opening his presents

Irving Street

Irving Street

Irving Street

Irving Street

Washing dads car I was skiving on Irving Street


1st January 2013

The Nags Head, Irving Street, 1958

96-84 Irving Street, 1962


22nd May 2012

Memories of Margaret Anderson - photographs are copyright



I spoke to you at the History Society Fair today about Irving Street and St Catherine's Church.


I've enclosed two pictures showing my brother Tony, dad Tom Flanagan, grandmother Agnes Flanagan and myself Margaret, in front of 108 Irving Street, the photo's were taken  about June 1960.


The photo inside St. Catherine's Church was taken July 1949, it was my parents wedding day.



Margaret Anderson


21st May 2012

Irving Street

Irving Street, 1961

Irving Street, 1958

84-95 Irving Street, 1962

Irving Street, 1961

Irving Street taken in 1961

Rear of 161 Irving Street, taken in 1962

The Woodman, corner of Irving Street

The Nags Head, 1957

Irving Street corner of Speaking Stile Walk, 1960