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10th April 2016

Bernadette Hart


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The photographs are of The Bingley Hall Hotel and the Winter Gardens Hotel on Broad Street, Birmingham.


My parents name was Pat and Bunny Thornton. The Bingley Hall was the place to be on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights as they had a pianist named Bert, unfortunately I can’t remember his other name.


I can remember them queuing up to get into the pub at opening time, they had some great times with great parties. My brother-in-Law was Lawson Jones, the one with the hat on in the photographs, along with my mother and Francis Gittins, the Bookmakers wife.

The Bingley Hall Hotel

Pat and Bernard Thornton, Anne Johnson at

The BingleyHall Hotel

In the Smoke Room, Bert is the pianist at the front

Party at The Bingley Hall Hotel with Lawson Jones

Winter Garden Days - Licensee of Winter Gardens and Bingley Hall Hotel, Doris Mason, Pat and Bernard Thornton, about 1960-61

Birthday Party, November 1958


22nd November 2014

King Alfred's Place, 1976

Bingley Hall, 1976

King Alfred's Place, 1976