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30th January 2021


Memories of Roy Gasby


My name is Roy Gasby, we lived in King Edward Road in the 50.s and sixties...went to Follett Osler School and have great memories of Ladywood.


I went to Osler Street school from 1960 to 65, played for the football and cricket teams - loved it


Playing from dawn to dusk in the rec till mom came looking for us, never ever felt threatened and would love to hear from anyone who was around at the time...great site.



2nd April 2016

Memories of Alan


I grew up in Ladywood and was raised up at 243 King Edwards Road, that being the small King Edwards Road.


Our house used to be a pawn shop many years before we moved from Lichfield Road, Aston to the King Edwards Road.


I went to Steward Street School for a while then moved to Icknield Street Secondary Modern, then left and started work at the races factory on the corner of King Edwards Road and Edwards Road they made all the electric components. all electric goods and electric fires of all descriptions. My oldest brother Ronnie was working there as an electrician, on the works maintenance side around the factory.


I do have a lot of connections with a hell of a lot of the family's in almost every part of Ladywood and Winston green areas. A lot of memories from one end to another, we lived right next door to the Chimney sweep man Mr. Holland whom virtually covered the whole of Ladywood house chimneys sweeps, he kept racing pigeons and they were valuable ones that won big prizes.


One name comes to mind, Geoffrey Wali who was a very good friend of mine for many, many years from Steward Street and we met up twenty years later after we both left Ladywood.


I recall the school play he was in and also a local film he played within as a character and the other lad was from the paper shop is name was Charley he played the lead role in the local film around the streets we lived and played, it was about a gang of kids, good film.



24th January 2012



On the corner of Nelson Street and King Edward's Road, closed in 1966



The Vine, M&B on the corner of King Edward Road



3rd March 2008




Outside a pub on the junction of King Edward’s Road.

The pub used to be known as King Edward Stores

Photograph courtesy of Albert Moulsdale

King Edward Road, 1994

Photograph copyright and courtesy of Joe Reilly

King Edward Road

King Edward's Road corner of Monument Road


King Edwards Road corner of St. Marks Street, 1962

October 1962

241-259 King Edwards Road, 1964

November 1962

181-155 King Edward Road, 1967

February 1966

The Bell, 1967

179-181 King Edward Road, 1958

81-83 King Edward Road, 1961