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I've had request to include Ladywood Comprehensive because the site is seems to be attracting a younger audience (well a lot younger than me!), so if you have any memories or photographs that I can include on this page please feel free to send them in, thanks


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15th April 2021

Memories of Colin Mytton


I left Follett Osler Secondary Modern in July 1969 and a few of the teachers went across to the new Comprehensive soon afterwards as the old school became redundant.


Mr Marsh (my last year teacher)

Mr Jones

Mr Monk

Mr Brenton

Mr Doble (woodwork)


5th April 2021

Memories of Steve Marriott



L to R John Bellamy (swam for England) Paul "Bomber" Bryan, Steven Moult, Alan Smallman, Morris Grant, Andrew Hatton,

Paul Stafford, David Hughes


Front L to R Douglas Bailey, Steve Marriott, Brendan Ormsby (Aston Villa and Leeds United) John Saunders and Peter McKeown


Photograph courtesy of Steve Marriott who holds the copyright



2nd April 2017


Ladywood Comprehensive School 1972 – 1977


 Photo taken at Bell Heath Outwood Bound Centre not sure of year ..

Any names would be welcome


Photograph courtesy of Lynn Fielding who holds the copyright



20th March 2016


This article is from The Globe, June 1984


22nd February 2016

Staff photograph from 1972-73


Back row, left to right – J. Jones, R. Newman, D. Lever, T. Pinkey, C. Doran, D. Lum, J. Hinsley.


Third row – B. Dremza, J. Cottam, J. O’Hanlon, H. Lee, A. Bramwell, E. O’Callaghan, K. Warrilow


Second row – C. Jones, E. Norton, E. Shurmer, Mrs. Lum, P. Watson, V. Broadhurst, R. Delves, J. Walters, W. Brenton, P. Mzimba, P. Cookesey,

D. Watts, O. Davies, J. Doble


Front row – J. Bailey, J. Redgrave, K. O’Leary, R. Perks, J. Welsh (headmaster), M. Heywood, F. Marsh, M. Gardner, D. Hambleton, J. Barton


Photograph courtesy of Catherine Kerins


View of the main building with sports hall to the left

Photograph courtesy of Catherine Kerins




Headmaster John Welsh is in the centre of the front row

Photograph courtesy of Catherine Kerins


Shortly before the demolition and demise it was one of the best schools in the West Midlands area. Equipped with every facility for sport imagined


Photograph courtesy of Catherine Kerins

The school main complex in the foreground the building in front was the art area and metal work block


Photograph courtesy of Catherine Kerins


This was taken in July 1999