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11th June 2021

 Ladywood Road 1969


 The old Ladywood Police Station


23rd November 2019

1925 Advert



28th January 2019

95 bus opposite the flats off Ladywood Road


The bus stop used to be close to this house



2nd January 2019

Children's Hospital, 1931







Children's Hospital, 1931


18th May 2018

The rear of 41-41a Ladywood Road in 1952

This is looking from the Children's Hospital down to Morville Street


15th April 2016

Memories of Ian Dempster - photographs are copyright

The view which you can see has Ladywood Middleway being built, the block in the distance to the left I think is Truro Tower, and the maisonette on the left is still there, according to the Google views of Ladywood.

The shot was taken from the back bedroom of the house in Monument Road, for the older ones amongst us our house was over and behind the Co-op butchers. The brick wall just visible on the right hand belonged to the garage that fronted onto Monument Road.


As we were re-housed in 1965, the photo can be either from 1964 or 1965.



14th December 2014

113-114 Ladywood Road 


30th November 2014

Looking towards Ruston Street

Ladywood Police Station in the foreground

Looking towards the flats

Flats with a view of Ruston Street and the City skyline


11th May 2013

The rear of 192 Ladywood Road


1st October 2010







PC Dickson and PC Lane from Ladywood Police Station

An aerial view of The Children's Hospital

Photo courtesy of Margaret Miles


Ladywood Road corner of Grosvenor Street West, 1959

Ladywood Road corner of Monument Road, 1954

Ladywood Road corner of Morville Street, 1953

Ladywood Road, 1962

Ladywood Road


This photograph is of my mothers shop, 16 Ladywood Road,

opposite King Edwards School, Five Ways and was taken in 1950


Photograph copyright and courtesy of Gordon Fletcher

Ladywood Road, 1960

112 Ladywood Road, 1956

103-107 Ladywood Road, 1964

117 Ladywood Road, 1955

The Five Ways Tavern, corner of Ladywood Road and Broad Street

187 Ladywood Road

Ladywood Road, 1964  

Ladywood Road, 1954