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24th June 2021


Bill Leaver outside Wells Tower, Rodney Close

Residents celebrate the opening of Wells Tower, I think this was taken in 1965

The couple at the back and in the middle of the photograph are Doll and Bill Leaver



18th March 2021

Memories of Mac Joseph



This company started in Ledsam Street and my aunt and uncle, Bill and Dolly Leaver worked for them.


Doll was one of the first employees and worked on the print finishing side of the business, while Bill did the deliveries.


They always looked after her, even when she lost Bill and she eventually retired.


Every Christmas they sent her a hamper


They moved to Conybere Street in 1990



17th October 2020

Memories of Louise Mabbett


My Grandparents


This is my Dad, as a butcher in Ledsam Street


This is my brother, Christopher

All photographs are copyright of Louse Mabbett and cannot be used without permission



16th September 2020


Rodney Close - Street party


Photograph courtesy of Mick Hoole

Copyright Mick Hoole


Looking from Rodney Close towards Ledsam Street and Gt. Tindal Street

Photograph courtesy of Mick Hoole

Copyright Mick Hoole


11th October 2013


Ledsam Street, 1954

Ledsam Street, 1960


15th November 2009

Ledsam Street, 1963

132 Ledsam Street, 1963

Ledsam Street, 1962

Friston Street, looking towards Ledsam Street, 1956



On the 5th of April 1883, police raided the premises at 128 Ledsam Street, Ladywood and arrested the occupier, Alfred Whitehead.


He was charged with making and distributing Dynamite.


Whitehead was a member of the Home Rule party, who thought that by committing massive acts of terrorism in England, they would succeed in making Ireland "Free".


Funded by money from sympathisers in New York, he quietly produced the explosive, obtaining the ingredients from several different sources.


The deliveries of the large amounts of materials attracted the attention of one Gilbert Pritchard, who had a working knowledge of chemicals.


He informed the police and the raid was carried out.


Although a lot of the Dynamite had been distributed to co-conspirators in London, there was still a massive amount left on the premises, in fact, if it had gone up, the street maps of Birmingham would have needed rewriting. Just going on sheer memory on what I remember about the Dynamite plot, which I read about a few months ago, and I did copy the pictures out of the newspaper of 1883 for future reference.


Alfred George Whitehead came over from Ireland and as a cover for his activities (He wanted home rule for Ireland etc) He rented a shop in Ledsam Street and set up a painting and decorating store, and put a chap in charge to run it.


His real reason was to make Dynamite to blow up various Government buildings and cause major panic, he had a number of co-conspirators in Liverpool and London also there was a house in Kyotts Lake Road where fellow conspirators Egan and Daley had rented.


To make Nitro Glycerine you need Glycerine and Whitehead needed large quantities of it, so pretending to be a Retail seller he bought a few gallon of the stuff saying he was going to sell it on to hairdressers.


After a few months the chap who was selling Whitehead the glycerine became suspicious and went to the police.


The house was watched and Whitehouse followed everywhere.


He took a large box from New Street Station down to London where he met 2 more men at a lodging house, during this time the house in Ledsam Street was entered by a detective using a skeleton key and large quantities of Nitro Glycerine were found so it was decided to round the gang up, which they did and unravelled the Dynamite plot.


Information courtesy of Aston-through-Aston Manor website


179 - 181 Ledsam Street

Ledsam Street 8-13 rear of 179

Photograph taken 18 January 1954

Ledsam Street, November 1960

Ledsam Street rear of 179-181 

This fantastic photograph was sent to me by Roy White, many thanks

This photograph was taken in 1953 - Queen Elizabeth was being driven up Ledsam Street

The factory workers were standing in Ryland Street, the signpost says Essington Street / Broad Street about 10 feet on


Looking towards Monument Road, 1964

Ledsam Street, April 1962

Ledsam Street

Ledsam Street, 1960

Ledsam Street

Ledsam Street and corner of Vincent Street, 1959

Ledsam Street, 1964

Bellis & Morcom 

Ledsam Street, 1964

Ledsam Street, 1963