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8th August 2020






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 Ladywood 1964

Ingemar Lindahl


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A fantastic site, showing photographs of Birmingham

by D. J. Norton, the website is organised by his son




Alton Douglas



Wiggin Street

In collaboration with many of my former colleagues from Wiggin Street I have started putting photographs of the Wiggin Street works of Henry Wiggin & Co and the Inco/Mond labs plus the people who worked there on the web at

I still have many more photos to add.  Let me know if you would like any photos for your site or if you want to link to the Wiggin Street pages.


A History of Birmingham Places & Placenames . . .

from A to Y

From Acocks Green to the Yenton, from Ashtead to Gyrdleahe, from Hasfurlong to Yorks Wood, here is the story of Birmingham's places and place names from A to Y.


 William Dargue tells the fascinating story of Birmingham's place names. Many districts still bear the name given by the Anglo-Saxons a thousand years ago - and some are older still. The author explains the origin and meaning of Birmingham's place names and delves into the history of each locality. There are suggested sights to see, some well-known landmarks, some unexpected surprises, and many of them illustrated. Also here are brief historical overviews of place names and of the City.


A glossary explains unfamiliar terms and gives local examples and there is an extensive annotated list of web links.