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2nd January 2019



Memories of Margaret Flanagan


These images on this website are subject to copyright and cannot be used on social media or any other internet website without permission

These are a few photographs my brother took of the Birmingham Grand Prix 1984


Historic cars on Pershore Street during the On-Streets Classic

James Hunt leading the Jaguars up Belgrave Road


Bugatti's at the starting grid

The "Wally Wagon" at the Classic






8th February 2018



Memories of Carole Hart


My name is Carole Hart - now Carole Thacker


I went to St. John's Infant and Junior Schools in the 50s; then went to Osler Street Girls School - left in July 1958.


Born in Browning street Ladywood - in 1943; Lived in Ledsam street; then in Blythe Street, then lastly in King Edwards Road, all Ladywood.


I'm trying to find a cousin of mine her name was back then Pattie Davis, her mom was my dad’s sister Annie.


My Dad was Jack Hart and my Mom was Betty Hart


My Aunt Annie lived in a little cottage off Broad Street, St. Martin’s, Ladywood.


I remember my dad use to take me to my aunt Annie’s. There was I think, 2 Brothers no there was one called Frank.


As I wasn't very old don't remember too much but of late have been thinking of my cousin in the hope she may have some pictures to share with me of our Family.


Would love to hear from her, she would now be in her 70s as I am now coming up to 75 this August.


Would be nice also if any one remembers me from any of the schools I’ve mentioned.





8th February 2018



Memories of  Wendy Lu Hardy


I just want to say THANK YOU for the Ladywood website that I just discovered today.


My name is Wendy Lu Hardy (maiden name Kerkhoff) and I live in North Carolina, and I love family history and my paternal lineage great-grandparents came over from Birmingham to Providence, Rhode Island in 1910.


The lineage is me (1958), my father Thomas Jr. (1934), his father Thomas (1907), his father Fletcher (1887), his father Thomas (1836) and his father Ebenezer (1810? We can't get past this man no matter how hard I try). Anyway, according to British Census records, my g-g-grandpa, Thomas Fletcher Kerkhoff, lived in Ladywood from 1861 until his death in 1910, on Rawlins Street, Friston Street, but mostly on Beech Street.


I have a photo of my g-g-grandma Fanny Matthews Kerkhoff standing in front of her house on Beech Street, I just don't know the house number & I can't figure it out from the census records. I'm sure nothing is the same as it used to be all those years ago. I wonder if any of Ladywood was bombed during WW2?


I know my g-grandpa Fletcher lost a half-sister and almost all her extended family during the Blitz in April 1941. I'm fortunate enough to have letters passed down to me that were sent from my g-grandpa's relatives in Birmingham after he moved to America and was able to glean quite a bit of info from them.


I'm not sure how many of my distant Kerkhoff relatives stayed in the Ladywood area after Thomas's death in 1910, but I was looking on the website just to get an idea of the area/history and see if anyone with the last name "Kerkhoff" submitted any info. Thanks so much for the website, it was a pleasant surprise and I'll keep looking periodically, hoping a Kerkhoff will show up.







18th July 2017



Memories of John Yates

My name is John Yates my son was researching our family history and he came upon your site unfortunately he came upon a dead end with regards to the family history because for most of my life I lived in Hockley until I was 18 and the I Joined the Royal Air Force until I was 56 years of age and never moved back to Birmingham.


However, my Mom and Dad moved to Fulmer Walk just off Monument Road in 1969-70 they lived there until Mom died in 1975. They had previously lived in Ford Street, Hockley.


Enclosed is a photo of Mom in the deck chair (Minnie Yates), myself, wife and two sons fishing in the Res in July 1973 just after I came back from Cyprus and was waiting for a married quarter at my next RAF Station.



The water level was low because British Waterways had just done work on the Dam and had to lower the water levels to carry out the work.


I hope this might be of some use to you