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25th July 2021


A few postcards advertising the Palais de Danse in Monument Road






16th September 2020

Photographs by Mac Joseph - Copyright


Top end of Monument Road by Ivy Bush, 2004

Top end of Monument Road by Ivy Bush, 2004



28th January 2020

Memories of Peter Turner


Please find attached a couple of images of Monument Road from the 1930's. The Palace Fish Supplies shop (402) was owned by my Dad's fiancÚ’ parents (at the time) Mr and Mrs Price.


The image of the couple on the motorcycle is my Dad and his fiancÚ viewed (I think) from the shop doorway over Monument Road


Best regards, Peter




Mr and Mrs Price (Grandpa Jim and Nana) the occupiers of 402. I have also included pictures of my Dad (in his waterproofs) his bike and his fiancÚ, Irene (Price).






The Bridge Inn, Monument Road, just before Ledsam Street

The name on the token is William Rowley, licensee from 1888-1895



1st May 2019







Response to a letter from Dr. D. Allin, who was a Physician and Surgeon and lived at 412 Monument Road


1st May 2019

Memories of Ted Brookfield


Thomas Butt of 8 Linden Terrace

Nellie Butt of 8 Linden Terrace



28th February 2019

Memories of Richard Osborne





Attached photo of Webb's Stores, 122 Monument Road may be of interest.  It was run by my grandfather Arthur George Webb (1866-1950), of a jeweller family.


A G Webb married into the Marlow camera family and eventually promoted to Kodak in London.




23rd September 2018


Monument Road Swimming Baths, 1974



Monument Road Swimming Baths, 1976


16th April 2018

Memories of Harry Facer


Here is a picture, it wasn't me that coloured the building brown,  but it was actually the house I grew up in and it was no. 291 Monument Road.





My bedroom was at the front of the house directly above Deans the money lenders, I know this because as a child I was flashing a torch round my bedroom late at night whilst playing with my pet kitten, someone walking past St John's church, which was directly opposite, called the police has he was convinced someone was robbing the money lenders and very shortly afterwards our whole house was invaded by policemen.


My mother wasn't amused.






4th February 2018



This item was taken from the "Ladywood Log" 1970

Birmingham Evening Mail, August 1968

Courtesy of Newman University, Local History Department, Birmingham


17th March 2016

Memories of David Hollingsorth


This photo was taken at the rear of 381 Monument Road, mum, dad, sister Pauline, Colin, Vic, myself and my sister-in-law on the left.

My sister Pauline passed away this last December aged 71.



25th May 2014


338 Monument Road, 1962

Monument Road


20th December 2013


The attached photo has been passed to me via an old BB colleague.  He is in contact with a man named Ted Stanton.


The photo is of the Summerhill Methodist Church Youth Club and is dated sometime in the 1940's.


Ted is standing at the back, extreme left as we look at the photo.  Featured on the photo are three men who were also officers in the 36th BB. They are Arthur Wakeling (who was our Captain), Arthur Cleaver and Jack Bell. They are seated behind the boys on the floor.


Ted was wondering if anyone recognises themselves on the photo and if so maybe they could be put in touch.


Albert Moulsdale


1st February 2013


Health Centre in Monument Road

Pearce's on the corner of Monument Road and Ledsam Street


23rd April 2012


Coronation photograph of The Dispensary on Monument Road



12th March 2012

This photograph was sent in by Clive and Rex Dempster, they are a couple who ran a sweet shop just below the swimming baths in Monument Road, can you identify them?


The shop was called WYSES - thanks to Robert Hicks


Lin Hopkinson - Their names were Vic and Louisa Reeves and they were my aunt and uncle.

Hope this may jog other people’s memories.



29th December 2011



Crowds in Monument Road in 1953 to see the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

on their way to Lucas's from King Edward's School

Postcard of St. John's Church, dated 5th August, 1904

Courtesy of Jacqui Fielding

Monument Road

305 Monument Road, 1961

Edgbaston Cinema, first opened its doors in 1928

Edgbaston Cinema, 1964

Edgbaston Cinema, 1964

Monument Road, 1960

Monument Road, 1961

Re: Janet Cook


Her dad was Fred Pountney, who had a cobblers shop on Monument Road, and I knew her dad well, as he was a mate of my father, we lived in Shakespeare Road.


I came across two old photos of her dad, out somewhere with Dinky and my Mom.  Dad must have taken the photos as his motorbike is in the photographs.


Photographs copyright and courtesy of Graham Sullivan


Photograph copyright and courtesy of Clive and Rex Dempster

Photograph copyright and courtesy of Clive and Rex Dempster

Welfare Outing, Monument Road

Cotterills' Flower Shop in Monument Road

Landon Bros.

Les-Ray Hairdressers, 375 Monument Road

This fantastic picture shows Monument Road Garage

N. Oakley, 365 Monument Road

Accident at Spring Hill, March 1949

Information courtesy of Peter Drake, author of "The Inner Circle"

On the 16 March, 1949 an Inner Circle bus passing Monument Road into Icknield Street, was hit by a fire engine and finished up in the non-fiction shelves of Spring Hill Library. This was one of the worst accidents in the history of municipal public transport in Birmingham, with ten passengers being killed. 1041 (CVP 141), a Daimler COG5 of 1937 had its offside lower saloon ripped out in the accident and as a result was scrapped. Here the fire brigade have hosed down the cobbled road surface to wash away the fuel oil which was spilled after the diesel tank in the bus ruptured.

Photograph courtesy of Clive Dempster

Photograph courtesy of Clive Dempster

Photograph courtesy of Clive Dempster

Monument Road and Hagley Road, 1961

202-203 Monument Road, 1956

Monument Road - Alston Street - Ladywood Road

Winter Scene, 1963

St. John's Church

Duke of Wellington, 1964

338 Monument Road, 1962

Ladywood Community Centre, 1962

405 Monument Road, 1956

The Turf Public House, 1959

United Methodist Church, 1958

Monument Road