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18th March 2021

Memories of Mac Joseph




These are from my grandparents, George and Edith Compton, who lived at 1/57 Morville Street

The cost of the Broadcast Receiving Licence in 1956 was 1

The rent on the house was 7s and 9 pence



28th May 2016

Memories of Linda Wattis

My mom’s family lived in Morville Street, and reading David Paddock, thought what a coincidence as my mom’s maiden name was Paddock. We eventually moved to 3/30 William Street.


Before we moved out of Birmingham my mom had a shop on the corner of William Street and Bishopsgate Street which ran as a paper and sweet shop a cafe and finally and antiques shop.


A lorry ran into the corner of the shop before we moved.



18th November 2009

I have just shown your website to my father Peter MacGillivray, who went to St. Barnabas School for a year when he moved to a maisonette called Ken Chester House in Shyltons Croft.


Whilst there he was involved in a tree planting event called "The Tree Lovers League". This brass shovel was presented to my father after he helped out with a plate spinning act, during an elaborate party at the Council House in 1959, to celebrate successful tree planting at the end of Morville Street.


The shovel is about the size of a teaspoon and it is inscribed with the words: "City of Birmingham - Tree Lovers League" 






I hope this is of interest.


Thank you




18th November 2009



Do  you know anyone in these photographs?

Taken outside the Chapel looking down Morville Street towards Ledsam Street. You can see Vernon's the builder in the top right hand corner.

The man standing by the car is Mr. Busby, the choirmaster and organist, Rita Smith is the girl with the dark hair and dark coat partially

covered by Mr. Busby. She would have been about 12 years old. Look at the little boy in the centre in his battledress tunic, he is a smasher


This was taken on Ladywood Road at the corner of Rawlin Street, note the tram lines and how the little girls are holding hands

and lined up in three's with the boys following behind.




This is at the bottom of Ruston Street, just turning the corner into Morville Street. Look at all the proud mothers in their pinnies standing

outside Dicky Till's outdoor. You can just see Rita Smith behind the little girl in the pleated dress, the older girl in the foreground,

wearing the dark jacket is Rita's sister, Jean.


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21st Birthday Congratulations to Dorothy Compton of 1/57 Morville Street


This lovely photograph is the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Roddis, taken in 1949

Dennis lived at 4 back of 57 Morville Street

The gentleman and lady, back row just off centre,

are Bill and Dolly Leaver




This is Carol Rigby who lived at 2/65 Morville Street

Photograph courtesy of Vic Rigby (see Memories of our Street)

Drawing of The Yard, Court No. 20, Morville Street

Drawing by Phil Trentham

8/98 Morville Street

Drawing by Phil Trentham

Party in Morville Street

Party in Morville Street

The Old Steam Clock, 23 Morville Street

Photograph courtesy of Stella Archer

Doctor's Surgery, 1962

Morville Street

Value House, Morville Street,1964

Morville Street/Sherborne Street, 1964

The Squirrel, 1965

Morville Street corner of Ruston Street

Aerial view of Ladywood

Ryland Garage