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12th June 2016


Memories of Ivor William

The record shop in Spring Hill had a window that always held great interest for me. Not having a wallet full of cash meant that I was very selective when buying my records. Therefore, the only record I bought there was the first album by the Beatles. The year before my unforgettable purchase I had heard "Love Me Do" several times on Radio Luxembourg. However, because of the poor reception we received from that station, I always missed who that track was by. I saw the album in the window and went in. The man inside kindly played the track one, side one. Paul McCartney counted out, "1-2-3-4..." and I was hooked! 0f course, "Love Me Do" was on that album.


Ryland Street had an electrical shop. It sold a handful of records. As the owners weren't up to current trends the records they displayed in the window were usually naff. Passing the shop regularly, though, I always looked to see what was on offer. An album they had on show for several months was called " A Bowlful Of Berries" with a cover photo of such an item. I still regret not buying it because, unaware at that time, it was by Chuck Berry.


I did buy several records from there, though! Buddy Holly-Midnight Shift, Adam Faith-Poor Me, Cliff Richard-Please Don't Tease amongst others.




24th June 2015


Memories of Stan

Remember buying my first single in Spring Hill record shop, Walking Back to Happiness by Helen Shapiro (my first love). It was six shillings and eight pence. Also on spring hill a pair of winkle pickers (shoes) 29 shillings and sixpence about one pound fifty pence.



24th April 2013


Memories of Dave Wilson

My favourite records are Telstar; Let's Dance; Concrete and Clay; Twist Again and anything by The Searchers.


Does anyone remember the Opposite Lock?



24th February 2013


Chris Bird

My first three records were: Lay Down Your Arms by Ann Shelton; Mountain Greenery by Mel Torme and a record by Ronnie Caroll – I can’t remember the title but it was a big hit at the time. I had Elvis Presley’s first album and sold it for a pound!!!!





Bill Burton

I've still got two Dansettes stashed away in the loft - mine from my youth - and one I couldn't bear to see someone throw away! Nowadays I've got a secret record deck attached to the modern high-tech sound system for playing the old vinyl. Most of it came from a record shop on the Dudley Road, opposite the Barford Road junction.





Tony Armstrong

I remember the music and dancing at the Tower up to 3 times a week listening to the resident DJ playing the hits of the present week and to the local groups and occasionally bands like Herman’s Hermits, The Hollies and many more.


When we weren’t at the Tower we would be at the ice rink, which then turned to roller rink, happy days.


I also went to the oratory senior school 1958/1962, we also used to spend our days down on the canal and train spotting down St Vincent Street, I don’t live in the area anymore, but do still wander around what’s left of the old end, I lived in the flats off Browning Street.




13th February 2013


Roger Humphreys

I can well remember our old dansette record player and the time we changed it to a radiogram, it cost dad about £82. The first record we played on it was a birthday present from my brothers and myself. The record played was slim Whitman singing “When I'm Calling You” and “Rosemary”. My mom kept both the gram and record until she died in 2000.


My first record was the wayward wind by Guy Mitchel. I loved to listen to Tommy Steele, then Cliff Richard, Billy Fury and Marty Wilde. My all-time favourite and still is, Elvis Presley.


Hey, where’s me drainpipes gone?





Barbara Johnson

I used to buy my records from Pete Sutcliffe, who had a record shop on the Flat, paid about 2/6 for a record.


The shop was near Woolworths. I always remember he had no fingers on one hand.




Maureen Rudge, nee Greensall of Shakespeare Road



This is the photograph of the first radiogram my mom bought from Pooles on the flat, Lodge Road in 1953/1954 and the first record we played was Doris Day singing Secret Love.


You could also buy Embassy records from Woolworths on the opposite side of the road and these were cheaper than the likes of Decca.


We also got our records from Sutcliffe's also on the flat, and Leslie Smith's on Spring Hill (who use to play for Aston Villa).




Graham Sullivan

It's me again with the songs that I thought really stood out in the 60s, and they are as follows..


Chubby Checker, The Twist; Percy Faith Theme from a Summer Place; The Beatles, Hey Jude and Louis Armstrong, Hello Dolly, todays music is not a patch on the 60s era.


And the music shop on Spring Hill was Leslie Smith, ex footballer played for the Villa.




Tony Pearsall

Well pleased with your idea about ''our'' favourites, music wise from the 60s. The first record I ever bought with my hard earned pocket money was Buddy Holly’s ''It doesn’t matter anymore” 1959. I went on to be a big Billy Fury fan buying all his records 45s LPs and so on (incidentally Billy died 30 yrs ago this month 28-01-83), often from that same record shop mentioned by someone else at Spring Hill, which living in St Marks Street late 50s thru' 60s was very handy, no I to can’t remember the name, but remember the two guys that worked there as being very helpful.


Like most kids around that time loved Elvis, Roy Orbison, Marty Wilde, oh and so many others. Late 60s onwards came my big love (apart from the missus of course) music wise heavy rock. Deep Purple, Rainbow in particular. Yes music always played a big part in my life, another great memory of my life in ''Old Ladywood''. I remember The Cresendo's and Trevor Greaves to as mentioned by someone.


Some of the best days of my life late 50s/ 60s spent around Ladywood and as the saying goes ''The Music Lives On.......Regards''


NOTE: I think the name of the record shop on Spring Hill was "Leslie Smith's" - Mac





George Hodgetts

Had a Dansette player. Loved Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Del Shannon, Gary U.S. Bonds, Shadows, Elvis, many more than I can remember.


Watched a great local group who played regular at the Tower Ballroom called The Crescendos .One guitarist was my mates brother, Trevor Greaves(my mate was Clifford).


Used to buy a ‘45’ most weeks from the record shop in Spring Hill, can’t remember the name.


All the best




David Hollingsworth




Hi Mac, here is a photo of me and my youngest brother Colin, stood proudly in front of our very first family record player and radio, known as a radiogram, as I remember the front came down to reveal the auto changer, this was taken in our living room at 381 monument road , about 1957.


The earliest record I recall was ‘16 tons’ by Tennessee Ernie Ford, whenever I hear it now I am transported back to those days





Graham Sullivan

Yes, I had a Dansette, and the records I played was the band of James Last.