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These are a selection of photographs and some need to be identified

Can you help identify where they were taken? 


16th November 2013

Does any have information about this lad?

All I know that his name is Billy Roach from Ladywood

Photograph taken at King's Studio, 22 Ledsam Street, Ladywood

Does anyone have any idea who she is?



This picture can be accurately dated to between 1926 (just possibly 1925) and 1929 as the charabanc type illustrated, an "SOS FS", built by the Midland Red themselves, only existed between those dates.


All 18 of the coach versions (registered HA 3513-3530 - there were bus ones as well) were fitted with saloon bus bodies in 1929.


Lloyd Penfold

These two photographs were taken at St. George's School, 1935.




Can you help with the names on these photographs?

This looks like Heath Street in Winson Green - Joe Rielly


The photograph looks a lot like Heath Street, Winson Green. looking up towards Dudley Road, from the junction of Winson Green Road - Peter Mardon


The photograph that Keith asks about was taken outside of a pub called the Shakespeare Arms that was on the corner of Heath Street and Winson Green Road. The cameraman is pointing his lens up Heath Street towards the junction with Dudley Road - John Madden

Do you know where this is?

The request is from Keith Clenton, Birmingham Lives, it may not be Ladywood

My name is Phill Bates, I brought a photo to be scanned of a family posing outside there house in Ladywood, its the first one you have on your miscellaneous section, the house is covered in ivy, there's a boy, man and two women one holding a baby.

I have done some more research on my family and think the house may have been in Portland Terrace, Friston Street. You have a photo in your Friston street section showing the entrances to the different terraces, its the last one, bottom right, they appear to have some gardens or what looks like could be gardens.

I have also looked at the 1;500 series of maps in library which shows path layouts in the courts and this would support my theory of Friston Street, not Ruston street north or Sherborn Street as I thought, although they did live at those addresses.

Do you have any photos of the terraces in Friston street or do you know where i could see some, I would be very grateful if you could help me locate this house as Iíve been trying for quite a while now.
If you can help with any of the above please don't hesitate to contact me ,
many thanks, Phill




Do you know this couple, taken in Ladywood around 1937?

A photograph from Mrs P. Kent. She has no information on this, but as it has come from a side of the family that was involved with Steward Street and Nelson Street, perhaps it has to do with the MASU, it is based in Winson Green. The Birmingham Arms I believe is now boarded up.

Does anyone have information on this photograph?




This photograph was sent in by Clive and Rex Dempster, they are a couple who ran a sweet shop just below the swimming baths in Monument Road, can you identify them?


The shop was called WYSES - thanks to Robert Hicks


This photograph is of a Pawnbrokers, F. Glaze


the name plaque between the two windows states "LOMBARD HOUSE"


Although the photograph was taken by a Hay Mills photographer, research believes it could be Ladywood or Hockley, according to the person undertaking family history in the Glaze family, they had a jewellery business in Hockley but later moved into Ladywood.


Does anyone know what happened to the upstairs of this building?


The sign in the window says "Business Carried On"


Any help would be gratefully appreciated


Upper Icknield  Square, VE Day

Advanced Factory in Great Tindal Street taken in 1956 - Ladywood trip to Blackpool


Names sent in so far: Shirley Goode, Ruth Deatheridge, Rose Saunders, Annie Murphy, Annie Hunt, Sylvia Mitchell, Barry Steele


Back row: Muriel Tonks, Forman Jock ???, 6th from left June Frazer


Front row: 2nd from left Sylvia Baddens, far right Gwen Wheeler

(names courtesy of June Stepney nee Frazer)

Thanks to Norman Bartlam for identifying this photograph

Somewhere in Ladywood, but where?

This photo is almost certainly in the corner of Shakespeare Road and Garbett Street. I lived facing the Commercial pub in Shakespeare Road and had a friend, Malcolm Clay, who lived a few doors away from your photo.


Looking at the direction which the photo was taken you can see the entry to the road in the top right of the picture (the rectangular shiny bit).


The railway line would be behind the houses on the left. As you went out of the entry Shakespeare Road is facing you and Garbett Street to the right going down to King Edwards rd.


Brilliant Web site. Lived in 'Shaky Road' from 1948 to 1963, now in Redditch.


George Hodgetts( 3/31 Shakespeare Rd.)


ps Long time since I've written that address  

Somewhere in Ladywood, but where?


Hello, once again viewing your excellent Web Site on Ladywood, I think that I recognised one of your Pictures, a Building that I used to pass on my way to School.


The Photo in question shows demolition going on in a Street, in the foreground are some workers with a Compressor.


In the background there is a building, this Building is I believe in Waterworks Road, and I would suggest that we are looking up Harold Road.


I am pretty certain this is the case.

Melvyn Fellows

Somewhere in Ladywood, but where?

Somewhere in Ladywood, but where?

Boy Scouts and not the Boys Brigade

Thanks to Albert Moulsdale for identifying this photograph

Summer Hill Methodist Church Year Book, 1953/54

Geoffrey Lloyd, 1937 - but where in Ladywood?

Ladywood ARP


After taking a close look at this photograph the first gentleman in the front row wearing the flat cap could be my grandfather, his name was Abraham Yeomans and lived in Grosvenor Street West, my sister told me he used to go out every night on fire watch duty in the Ladywood area.


If I am correct I hope the information  will be of use to you - Yvonne

Boys Brigade - not taken in Ladywood but in  Warren Street, Tenby,

while the company were camping

Thanks to Albert Moulsdale for identifying this photograph

BB Company the 36th from Summerhill Methodist Church. the coach in the centre is Arthur Cleaver, 2nd from the right in the back rwo is Ron Kelly

Thanks to Albert Moulsdale for identifying this photograph

Coronation Party, 1937 - but where?

Day out from the Sewing Factory


Ladywood Chapel Outing

Ladywood Chapel Outing

Ladywood Chapel

Silver Jubilee - but where in Ladywood?

Sunday School Outing, 1918-1919


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