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21st April 2017

Nelson Street


It was taken at the top end of Nelson St. and the railway line would be behind the photographer. The building shown in the photo was a factory in the late 50’s onwards but may have been stables before that. Spent many an hour trainspotting on the wall which was behind the cameraman.

George Hodgetts (Ex Shakespeare Rd)


My name is Don James and I live in Melbourne Australia.


My Grandmother was born and lived in Ladywood at rear no.1 Nelson Street until emigrating to Australia in 1910.


Her maiden name was Edith Jane Roath and her family were long time residents of Birmingham mainly working in the brass industry.


Here is the picture as discussed. I was mistaken about the terrace houses. The back of the picture, also attached mentions stables for the railways. I would guess that the photo is 50’s vintage or thereabouts.



The back of the photo reads:


‘You know this place. It is still at the top of our street. The old stables for the railway.

Lucy, precious animal. I sometimes think that she think more of him than of me.’


It is rather cryptic as it neither mentions the name of the recipient or the sender but can you tell me if there were bluestone stables owned by the railways at the end of Nelson Street, Ladywood. If this is not so I will need to resume my quest for information about the family in another place.


I hope that it is useful to you and good luck with the website.


Can anyone hlep?


12th December 2011

Nelson Street Party - 1945

Photograph courtesy of Judy and Bryan Bates



20th February 2011




New signal box top end of Nelson Street, early 60's,

still being worked on after a train demolished

the old one.

Haselgrove and Sons, 1959

Please find attached a picture of the top end of Nelson Street, by the railway.


From left to right, boy with back to us - Albert Reswtall, side on - Brian Bannister, boys head over top of next boys shoulder – Malcolm White -  (thanks to Stan Humphrey's for the Christian name of White)

Back boy - Richard Rudge


Boy at front, facing - ME - Stanley Humphreys, now aged 60, then about aged 12 !!! ish about 1960;  Girl - Anne Raybone.

Nelson Street, 1967

46-48 Nelson Street, 1961