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29th March 2021

Memories of Pam




Our dad was in the army when he was young, he was in the medical core, a nurse, he was stationed in Germany. Before he went, he and my mum were courting and got engaged. My dad met a lady over in Germany and told my mum it was over between them and to give the engagement ring back to his mum, which she did.  My Nan and Granddad who were a drinkers pawned the ring. She never got that ring back. Then my dad came back, and they got back together he brought a new ring, they got married and my sister was born. He got posted to Jamaica Kingston, my mum and sister went with him. They were there for thirteen months. My Dad was offered a job to work in the hospital there when he left the army, but my mom said she did not want to live there, so they came back and lived with my Nan. My dad became a postman sorting post on the trains he worked nights. I was born in 1953. They were offered a house at 26 New Spring Street in 1954. Just a few doors down from the Brookfield garage.

I remember going to the mint for a Christmas party. We were so, excited. Our mum had bubble lights on the Christmas tree, it was so tiny compared to the trees you get today. Waking up on Christmas morning to one of our dad's socks with nuts and an orange and money in it and always a wedding doll under the bed. Then one year I had a bike (wow) which I fell off.


There was our dad Tom, our mum Ivy, my sister Pat and me Pam. My dad died in 1962 from cancer, he was very ill for a couple of years, in and out of hospital. I remember the policeman knocking on the door in the middle of the night to tell us our dad had died. I was only nine and Pat was thirteen. Our poor mother, it was very hard on her, but she coped bringing up two girls, who at times didn't do what they should have done. We both went to Camden street school.

I remember playing in the street hopscotch, ball, hula hoop, hide and seek, skipping, tag, the best of all cowboys with lots of kids.


My first best friend was Susan Taylor, she had a brother named John and a sister who’s name I can't remember they also lived in the same street up by the Ansell’s out door on the corner . Her dad worked in the betting office, which I think it was on spring hill, but can't be sure about that.


When I was about thirteen my best friends were Christine Robinson who lived in the same road. She has a sister Rita, and brothers John and Ron. Her mum and dad were lovely. We used to listen to records in her front room and go for long walks, and of course the roller rink, we loved it. We still send Christmas cards. She now lives by the sea.  Ingrid Waldren lived in ingestion street she was the only child. Her dad painted pictures of ships. She also lives by the sea now, funny how both of them live by the sea and we still send Christmas cards.


Once in the school holidays my sister organised a sort of show for the kids in the street, it was in our yard there was singing and dancing and a kid from over the road on an accordion. (I can't remember his name, but I think they kept chickens) Pat charged 1penny for the kids to come and watch and they paid. It was a brilliant day.


My first job was in the bag wash on a Saturday in Icknield street. My mum got me the job. After I left school, I worked at H. Samuels down the flat in Hockley, then after six months, I worked in Tenby street north at Merrill’s casters. Happy days

I think we left in 1968/69 when the houses were going to be pulled down. I'm still in Birmingham I'm 68 years old now. I have written a book called, The First Ever Christmas, which is on the internet. I have two children one lives in Birmingham the other lives in Canada. I have two grandchildren in Canada.


This is me and Christine

Mrs. Robinson, Rita and Ron

Beryl, Pat, Ann, Eileen, and Annette

Outside our house 26 New Spring Street


Ann and captain the dog

Pam in her cow girl outfit, 1959

Pam's Mom, Ivy


This is my mum's mum, Martha Asbury, my granddad Fred, my mum Ivy and her brother Fred. I think they lived in Summer Row and I think they had a second-hand shop.

My granddad was a runner for the bookies,

so I have been told

Mum and Dad's wedding

Mum and Dad's wedding


Ingrid, a good friend of Chris and Pam



Does anyone know who this girl is?

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21st June 2020

14th August 1967



2nd January 2019

New Spring Street, 1968

New Spring Street, 1967

C. H White agent for Phillips


20th October 2015

New Spring Street corner of Icknield Street, 1968

New Spring Street, 1969


20th September 2015

157 New Spring Street, 1969

57 New Spring Street, 1961


11th May 2014

Photographs of Michael Drew's Family - 2/72 New Spring Street - Photographs are COPYRIGHT

Michael Drew and Michael Enright

Helen, Shirley and Mom

Granddad, Mom, Helen and Eileen

Aunt Celine, 1960's




Michael and Sparky

Christmas 1970's

Birthday Party



Celine and the 60's

with Eileen Wilkes, Stacey Oldfield, John Colbert and Michael Enright

Eileen Helen, Pauline, Granddad and Mom

Playing in the backyard


In the backyard

Michael in his "Parka"

The Family


6 December 2005

New Spring Street, 1967

Lamb Tavern, New Spring Street, 1967

Express Cleaners, New Spring Street

corner of George St. West

John Russell Ltd., New Spring Street, 1955