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29th March 2021



1951 Bed Catalogue for Wale's of Oozells Street




17th June 2018

Oozells Street, 1984

15 Oozells Street, 1984



18th July 2016



Oozells Street, 1968

Oozells Street, 1984


2nd January 2012

I have just found a picture of down Oozells Street North. The gentleman in the picture is Norman Hobcoft, standing next to his Hillman Minx. I hope this maybe of use for your site since I have never seen a picture down this road anywhere on the internet.


My uncle thinks the building at the end is the tax building and by the looks of the tyre tracks they are leading down Cumberland Street.

Peter Bayliss


Presbyterian Hall, Oozells Street, 20 August 1957

C. Jones Ltd., Oozells Street, 18 March 1968

Oozells Street  North, April 1982

The same building, but the photographs are taken 14 years apart


The corner of Oozells Street North and Sheepcote Street, 18 March 1968