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24th July 2017

Alfred Terrace, Osler Street in 1954


28th May 2016

Memories of Janet McCallum

I found your site after discovering that my grandfather lived in Ladywood.  According to his death certificate, which I have just obtained, he was living at 3/125 Osler Street at the time of his death in 1969.  I know it's a long shot but I would be very interested to hear from anyone who knew him or knew of him.  He was living as Thomas Perkins, but was born Thomas Priest in 1901.


My grandparents separated in 1935 when they were living in London and eventually the family lost contact with him. He made contact again when he knew he was dying and my mother, grandmother and 2 of his sons saw him a couple of times before he died.


They also attended his funeral.  His death was registered by Gerald George Jones of Quinton Lane.   All his children are dead now so there is no-one to ask.  I have no idea why he changed his name to Perkins (although a couple of thoughts spring to mind!) and I don't think the family ever found out.


It would be interesting to find out if he had gone on to have any more children.  Even if I don't find out any more about my grandfather I have seen where he lived, thanks to your site!



14th December 2014










Court 16, Osler Street, 1965




17th February 2012

Memories of Barbara Cawley - photographs are copyright



Arthur Cawley on steps of 3/50 Osler Street in 1947, aged 30 years old


Beatrice Cawley (nee Cuff) on steps of3./50 Osler Street in 1947, aged 26 years old


The cat was called Monty after Field Marshall Montgomery!


Billy and Charlie Watkins

Osler Street in the 1930's


Photograph copyright and courtesy of Barbara Cawley


Barbara Cawley, aged 3 weeks, with her great grandma Robinson, who was her father's grandma in the garden at 3/50 Osler Street


31st December 2006

Osler Street Coronation Party, 1953

Michael Noon is sitting 4th from the bottom, next to the large bowl

Do you know anyone else on this photograph?

Photograph courtesy of Michael Noon


129 Osler Street, 1961

Terrace, 1966


Tree Place Court, Osler Street

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge

Alfred Terrace, Osler Street

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge

Neighbours in Osler Street

Osler Street Empire Day, 1929

The Strawford family, 1959 at 6/29 Osler Street

Michael with mother Elsie holding Barry

Photo copyright and courtesy of Christopher Brayshaw

Lilley and Stenson, Osler Street, 1964

85 Osler Street


Osler Street, 1952

72-109 Osler Street, 1965

Reservoir Terrace

Osler Street School

141 Osler Street

Osler Street, 1965

Osler Street 1968

Reservoir Public House, 1965