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25th November 2013

Memories of Loraine Burgwin


I have just visited your website and found it fascinating.
My family and I lived in Ladywood for about 25+ years and loved every minute of it.  We lived in Rodney Close just off Ledsam Street.
Between us we went to Osler Street School, St. Johns, Ladywood and Ladywood Comprehensive - we are a big family.
Can you tell me if you have any photos of Piggott Street School?


My cousin who now lives in Redditch went there up until she was 10 and they were the happiest days of her life!  She has searched everywhere for photograph to no avail.
Thanks and good luck with website 


Memories of Valerie Taylor

I attended Piggot Street from 1949-1956.  Teachers I remember are Mrs Latham, Miss Pickvance, Miss Caine, Mr Williams, Miss Jones, Mr Rumble and Mr Shirley.  Mr Morrell was headmaster and was replaced with Mr. Lyons.


Some memories I can remember are the Green Cross Code people coming and we drove little cars around the playground with crossings so we learnt how to cross the road.


There was Mrs Berry the lollipop lady who crossed us over the road by the Birmingham Accident Hospital.


Each class had it's own Christmas Parties and a parents day where our parents came to view our work around school.


Children came from Stoke Street, William Street, Bishopsgate Street, Cregoe Street, Irving Street and Latimer Street.


Attached are 2 photos of my Christmas Parties in Mr Shirley's class 1954 and 1955.





Leaving Certificate for Leslie  Hill, 1934

An early postcard of Piggot Street School