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24th February 2021

Memories of Janice Martin

I was born at 123 Rann St in 1957, my name is Janice. My parents rented rooms there from Ivor & Nell Williams.


My parents were Olive & Jim Dawson, I have two older sisters, Linda, born in 1953 & Anne born in 1954. They both went to St George's school until we moved to Duddeston into a flat in 1960.


My Dad was born & brought up in Ladywood, his local pub where he was in the darts & dominoes teams was The Albion in Sheepcote Street.


We spent many Saturday nights in the Summer playing outside the Albion with other kids while Mom & Dad had a drink inside with their friends. We had a regular supply of Vimto & crisps. I remember some of Dads drinking buddies, Eddie Mason, Tommy Sullivan, Len Hart, I think it was Teddy Foxhall (I think he owned the cafe up the road).


There was Jack Sheen, the landlord & landlady were Beryl & Fred.
















Foxall's cafe in Sheepcote Street






19th May 2014

Rann Street

Rann Street


Rann Street


Rann Street

8th September 2008

Rann Street in 1960

Rann Street in 1960

Rann Street from Wood Street

Rann Street, 1960


Corner of Johnstone Street

Ladywood Gospel Hall


Rann Street