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Do you have any memories of the Reservoir (REZZA) or photographs

then please send them in so they can go on the website


25th July 2021




A good view across the Rezza showing Osler St school and to the right what must be the Church of the Redeemer both sadly gone.

The twin towers are there the Waterworks chimney and Perrots Folly just to the left of the largest yacht.

Also training ship Vernon and a view of the Tower Ballroom before the extension out into the water.


Photograph courtesy of Peter Mardon (copyright)





22nd October 2020




Great message on the back of this card, which shows the boat house and the Tower Ballroom





23rd November 2019





8th December 2017


Courtesy of Matt Felkin

Courtesy of Matt Felkin




15th January 2017





23rd June 2014


Memories of Brenda Fazakarley (nee Noon)

I well remember the Rezza -Butlins had a seven year lease during the war and the fairground was there.  My best friend was Louise Wassell - they were travellers with the fair and during the war all that travelling stopped.  The Wassell’s had the Reservoir Café just around the corner from Osler Street and the fairground chaps went there for their drinks and snacks etc.


On bank holidays I used to help in the kitchen with the sandwiches, it was margarine all-round the edge of the slice of bread and once across the middle (rationing times of course).


The Wassell’s had a "roll the pennies" stall in the Rez and when they were shorthanded I sometimes helped with Louise on their stall. It was fun. I loved the fair and of course because Louise knew a lot of the chaps we got plenty of free rides.  My mum and dad didn't like me spending so much time at the fairground.


After the war ended the fairground people went back to their travelling lives and although Louise and I used to meet up when they came to Cannon Hill Park for the summer, we eventually lost touch but we were great friends. She had an older brother Ronnie and a sister Betty. I have tried to get in touch with Louise and I know she and her husband moved up north somewhere.





10th June 2014



Newspaper cutting from the 1940's






Edgbaston Reservoir, 1st December 2010

Edgbaston Reservoir, 1st December 2010

Edgbaston Reservoir, 1st December 2010

Edgbaston Reservoir, 1st December 2010

A notice form 1941 threatening prosecution if you go into the Reservoir without a ticket or Authority

Does anyone know why?


An early photograph of Edgbaston Reservoir


Water Carnival and the Birmingham Regatta,

just two of the many events that took place on the Reservoir