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2nd April 2016

The Mount Pleasant WMC


20th October 2015


71-99 Reservoir Road corner of Clark Street, 1968


81-99 Reservoir Road, 1968


11th June 2010

In the forties that site was a grocer's/fruit and veg shop where mother was a regular customer. Mr and Mrs Dukes - a very obliging couple, owned it, it was not a cafe then.


Also the public house on the other side of Reservoir Road and corner of Osler Street was always named "The Tavern".


Brenda Fazakarley


Reservoir Cafe, 1961







Salvation Army in Reservoir Road


71-99 Reservoir Road, 1968

The Reservoir Public House

Reservoir Road, 1967

Reservoir Road from Leslie Road, 1966

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge

Reservoir Retreat 1966

Photograph courtesy of Bob Claridge