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18th March 2021



Brilliant photograph of two young lads in Ruston Street

The hair has been plastered down, look at the belts and boots, but both off them have smiles on their faces


16th April 2020

Memories of Sandra Mason

Ruston Street, 1935

Ruston Street celebrations of King George V and Mary, Silver Jubilee, 1935.

The little girl with a patch on her one eye, in the second row, behind those kneeling is Muriel Saunders.


Muriel and her parents lived at 2 Warwick Place, Rushton Street



6th July 2016

I was wondering if anybody remembered MINNIE SMITH who lived in 2/37 RUSTON STREET.  Her husband was George Smith.


Minnie had two daughters, by her first husband Charles Coleman. I don’t know how long she had lived in Ruston St.  but many years before she had lived in William St. Her daughter’s names were MARTINA, and MINNIE (jnr) at the age of 20 Minnie died of hydrocephalus. I don’t know what happened to MARTINA but as a child she toured THEATRE’S with her mother and her aunt KITTY, (my grandmother) even going to USA several times.


MINNIE SMITH died in 1950.


If anyone can shed any light on this family I would be delighted.  I do not have a single photo of her or Minnie jnr. to be able to see them would be a bonus, can you help?




10th November 2015







The Vine Public House in the 1960's on the corner of

Ruston Street and Rawlin Street


Photograph courtesy of The Vine Public House



1st March 2014

Ruston Street, the back of the picture says Jubilee party 1935, but as Mom was born in 1934 she is clearly older than one,

so I think it must be the Coronation of George VI

Mom was living with her parents in Ruston Street then, the little girl in the white party hat second from extreme left is my Mom, Shirley Ratheram nee Vizor,

the tall woman standing next to her eating is my Nan Rose Vizor, nee Taylor,

the only other people Mom knows there are the woman on the extreme left who is Mrs Brown,

and the two small children to the right of Nan are Mrs Browns children Margie and Bernard


Again Ruston Street Coronation Mom is this time on the right still wearing her hat


Photographs courtesy of Andrew Ratheram

These photographs are copyright



12th December 2011

This photograph was taken in Ruston Street and shows

Bert Cottom, John Field and George Sadler

Note the milk bottles on the window sill!




16th October 2005

Ruston Street corner of Morville Street

Ruston Street, 1961

Ruston Street, 1960

Ruston Street, 1960

Ruston Street












George and

Lizzie Shepherd

in Ruston Street

Ruston Street corner of Broad Street, 1964

13 Ruston Street, 1961

22 April 1960


Ruston Street/Grosvenor Street West, 1961

Ruston Street corner of Grosvenor Street West


Ruston Street, 1964

A1 Screw, 1965

21 Ruston Street