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23rd September 2018

Memories of Derek Griffin


I have attached a photo looking along The Parade taken from the first-floor window of Lloyds Bank, it was taken late 50’s/early 60’s but no later than 1966.


The shop on the extreme left was owned by the Benson family.


The open space on the left was originally a factory, I can’t remember what they manufactured.



Photograph courtesy of Derek Griffin who holds the copyright to this photograph



3rd January 2014



The Old Robin Hood, 1967

The Summerhill, corner of Powell Street and Sandpits


1st February 2013


Looking towards the Sandpits


2nd October 2009


Just seen the addition of The Sand Pits on the website.  I am enclosing a photo of a flood that occurred at the point where the Sandpits becomes The Parade.

On the back of the photo has been written "The flood. Parade. 1st July 1952.

I should imagine it was more probably caused by a broken main than a deluge... although you never know?



Sandpits, 1955

Cheval Meat Stores, 1948

112 Sandpits, 1957

Summerhill Home, 1962

Sandpits, 1953