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12th April 2020


Memories of Patricia Wolsey Lloyd


Mom was born Sherborne Street, Dad Ledsam Street. They moved mom to Osler Street and Dad to Clark Street. They meet in a cafe on Reservoir Road, mom was 14, dad was 19 was working as a coal man for his dad with a horse and cart!


Then he got a lorry 1939 and went on his own, worked till 1960. They lived at 31 Sefton Road from 1940 till 1970 then moved to Bartley Green.


The wharf he got his coal from was by the canal in Browning Street, I can remember going with dad to get the coal, him shovelling it in to coal, bags. A very hard-working man. Mom worked at Belliss and Morcom, a factory, then Kunzle’s Cakes and Chocolates.


Then started a family, they had 9 children, Mom lost 3 as baby’s, so sad.

My dad, Frank Wolsey coalman on top of his coal lorry, celebrating the end of the WW2



13th April 2019

Looking towards Morville Street, 1964

Sherborne, 1964


22nd February 2016


The Sherborne Rubber Company Ltd was formed in 1937, originally making parts for the war effort in Sherborne Street, Ladywood, Birmingham.


When the redevelopment of Broad Street they moved to Icknield Square in 2001 where they stayed until 2007, moving to Perry Barr, Birmingham.



10th January 2010

The Old Steam Clock

Albion Works

Courtyard in Sherborne Street, 1961

Sherborne Rubber

Just a little something for you on the Sherborne Street.


On the picture of Frank Allart 1962, the little door on the right is the back door into St Barnabas Junior School lower playground.


That door was always locked. The school can be seen above the door.


Those five windows were to the top form classroom. My friend’s grandparents lived in the house, they were the caretakers for the factory and their name was Pierpoint.


Hope this helps in a small way.


Take care and great work, Ray

Sherborne Street, 1914

The Old Steam Clock

Frank Allart, 1962

Sherborne Street, 1961

Sherborne Street

Sherborne Street, 1961

Rose Tavern, corner of St. Vincent Street and Sherborne Street

Sherborne Street, 1961