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5th April 2021

Memories of Steve Marriott


Ryland Star FC, 1972

This is Ryland Star FC after winning the Second City Boys League Major Cup Final and thereby completing a clean sweep that year by winning the preseason six a side, the Points League,

The Main League and the aforementioned Cup without losing a single game!


Rex Hudson, Noel Richards, Brendon Ormsby, Paul "Bomber" Bryan, Douglas Bailey, Russel Anderton and myself, the bloke at the back is George Smallman the Manager, no idea about the chap in the mac


Front Row Steven Campbell, Alan Smallman, Junior Walters, Andrew Price and John Fitzgerald


7 of that team went to Ladywood Comp and are on the Schools photo for that year!


Photograph courtesy of Steve Marriott who holds the copyright



8th August 2018

Memories of Dave Williams


Ladywood Methodist Football Team, circa 1957

Back row left to right

Frank .....?, John Kerr, John Bradbury, Keith Bolton,

Colin Hanson, Ken Pearsall, John Bishop


Front Row left to right

Alan Mitchell, Dave Williams, Tony Toombs, John Hughes,

George Bevan, Jimmy Harden

Back row left to right

John Bishop, Charlie Mocock, Keith Bolton, John Chapel,

Dave Gregory, Phil Carrol, John Deakin


Front row left to right

 Dave Collins, Alan Mitchell, John Hughes, Phil Goode,

Graham Collins, Dave Williams


18th February 2015


This is the U16's, taken in the season 1963 / 64?


Personnel from back left to right are: Gary Watson , John Davey, Mickie Hayes,

Bill Hobley, Terry Hanks

Front row, left to right are:  John Smith, Wally Whiting, Gerry Rigby ( Capt),  Jimmy Cunningham, Richard Glaze, Derek Hankinson


Thanks to Tony Scott for the additional names

This is the U18's, taken in the same season?


Back row, left to right:  Jack Jones ( trainer)  Gerry Rigby, Bill Hobley,

Spike Stephenson (Capt),  Bobby Smith, David Clements or John England,

Wally Whiting,

Mr. Scott (Chairman) Jack Evans (manager)

Front row, left to right:  Gary Watson, David Marsh, John Smith, Richard Glaze, Marshall Hampton



I have found a couple of photo's which may be of interest to you.


They are two football teams representing Vincent Rangers, operating out of what was the community hall in Vincent Street flats in the 1960's.


The team on the left is the U16’s, with me as captain in the middle with the ball.


The other one on the right is the U18's, in a cup final, I think in 1964, with me drafted in, I am on the far left in this one. 


It would be interesting if anyone remembers this team. I know that there are maybe half a dozen players still living around Ladywood.





Seeing those 2 photos of Vincent Rangers, certainly brought back memories, I only played a few times, but my dad, Jimmy Scott along with Jack Evans and Jack Jones managed both teams, I was even able to remember all of the names. Regards

Tony Scott



Gerry Rigby





Christ Church Football Team



Christ Church Football Team




Back row: Arthur Coulthard, ??????, Vic Perry, Rev. Highnett, Bunty Eales, Moore, Scott

Front row: Parker, Ward, Peake, Bellamy, Nobby Peters


Can you fill in the missing name and perhaps the Christian names?

Photographs courtesy of Roy Edwards and Leslie While


29th October 2012


Back Row: Harry Swain (Secretary) Alan ??, Clive Wheezey, J. Steele, Dennis Fisher, Dennis Tayer, Bert Martin (Manager)

Front Row: Colin Evans, George Gardener, H, Swain, Harry Bakewell, John Payne

Photograph courtesy of Harry Swain



This photograph of the Ladywood Boys Club Football Team was taken in 1953/4. We were winners of the Northfield Charity Cup.


The photo was taken before the game, which was played at Allens Cross ground, now Northfield town.


The club HQ was at the dispensary next to Monument Road Baths. Incidentally I am on the extreme right front row.

 Photograph courtesy of Gordon Fletcher



Bellis and Morcom Football Team 1955


Morrall, Stevens, Green, Wilson, Hunt, Taylor, Apperley, Jeavons, Hewitt, Stirk, Lamb


Bellis and Morcom side which defeated Bryant Builders Reserves 3-0 in a Division IV Works League Match on 19th March 1955


Prior to W.W.2 (before my time) they played at Waterloo Road, Smethwick, but in my day (late 40,s-50's) we played at Highfield Lane, Quinton.



Photograph courtesy of John Morrall


The Monarchs Cricket Team, Ladywood.

They were based at The Eagle and Ball, Morville Street/Ladywood Road

Ladywood Boys Club football Team - mid-50's

Back row: Edgar (Club Leader), George Lindsey, Harold Stephney, Billy Price, Sid Cash, Pete Berrington, Cliff Hawkins, Kenny Stephney

Front row: Geoff Stone, Tony Tomes, Mel Johnson, Dave Sharp, Gordon Fletcher

Club Room: "The Old Dispensery" next to the Swimming Baths, Monument Road

Bellis & Morcom Football Team

Clark Street FC

Summerfield Swimming Club

Summerhill Rovers

Ladywood Unity Football Club