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4th February 2021

Memories of Peter Mardon




This is a photo of my grandad Frank Wakefield posing by his company van.


He ran this building firm from number 30 Springfield Street. He was a well know character in Ladywood, he started his business working from a hand cart, and went on to employ numerous staff over the years.


He was good natured and always helped the poor out when they were in need.




Peter Mardon



17th October 2020

Memories of Peter Mardon

I wonder if anyone can remember my Granddads, company Wakefield Builders, based at 30 Springfield Street and the back house that was knocked together to form one premises?


They also owned the yard that occupied the space of the missing house In the street (see picture 31-Oct 2014 No’s 47-80) near the Crown Pub. Also, another premises at 234A King Edwards Road.


When I was a child, I spent many a day at No 30 getting in the way of the many builders employed there. Some of whom would be work mates when I joined the company as a trainee carpenter around 1961/2. At this time people were moving out of the street to make way for development, It fell to fellow work mate Bernard Pritchard and myself to board and brick up the houses as they were vacated (See other photos on your site).


The stuff we found left behind was sad but amazing, several pianos, televisions, and even a Francis Barnett motor bike in full working order. We had a field day selling stuff to the tat yard. The picture is taken outside the Springfield Street premises of Francis Wakefield’s, which was almost opposite my favourite shop ever Clem Spencers where I played on the check machines as a child, I had my own box to stand on to reach the handle.


The picture shows L to R shows the lorry driver? Next is Freddy Wilkes, George Glaze, Frank Wakefield my uncle and Dinky Wilkes, the Wilkes were my mom’s (Edna Wakefield’s) cousins. George taught me to be a carpenter, later he was the doorman at the Ladywood Social Club for many years. The lorry I remember was bright orange.


Wakefield’s moved to a premise in Oaklands Road, Handsworth after vacating Springfield Street.  I will always have a soft spot for Springfield Street, to me the best street in Ladywood. 



Peter Mardon



3rd November 2019

Memories of Marie Phillips




I remember Glaze's newsagent in Cope Street, around the corner from the Crown Inn and I remember the shop in Springfield Street called Clements, we used to take the bottles back to get money back.


I went to Stewart St School then on to Follett Osler. Happy days.


I used to live in Springfield Street and lived opposite the Crown Inn pub.


Then Beat and Len Phillips moved to the Freeth Arms where I went to live with them. Beat became my guardian. 



28th August 2019


Hi, this is a long shot and I am searching newspapers, but does anyone have any knowledge of a house fire at 37 Springfield Street January 1946.




Trevor Ogden


6th June 2015

November 1960

May 1964


1st May 2015


The Murphy Family of 79 Springfield Street

Photographs courtesy of Trevor and Lorraine

Photographs are copyright

Michael Murphy, Edie Mom, Phil dad, Malcolm on lap, 1947

Edie in 1953



Outside the Crown Public House in Springfield Street

Top Row: Far right Bert Clarke

P. Bridgewater next to Shield

Michael (left) and Malcolm in 1947



Malcolm, Michael and Phil in 1961

Malcolm, Michael, Phil and Phil jnr in the 1970's


Tommy Gilligan (left) and Malcolm in 1958

Phil, Michael and Malcolm in 1961




31st October 2014

47-69 Springfield Street


47-80 Springfield Street



5th July 2011

Dog Licence for 61 Springfield Street,


Dog Licence for 61 Springfield Street,


Wireless Licence addressed to 4/32 Springfield Street, HOCKLEY

47-58 Springfield Street, 1964


47-80 Springfield Street, 1964

Springfield Street, 1964

Springfield Street, 1964