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20th July 2021

Man in a Barrel

The year was 1963/64 and his name was John Stokes and it is believed he did it for charity.


He spent 5 weeks in the barrel with food and drink being sent up in a bucket, he even had a very large umbrella for protection against the rain!


How he got on for using a toilet I have no idea!!!!


If anyone has more information, please let me know


12th March 2020

Memories of Reg Mills



I lived at 5bk28 Springhill from 1934 til 1951. Behind Browns the cobblers. There were five of us children, Mom and Dad. Living in one downstairs room two bedrooms. The toilet was down the yard and shared with another family. No hot water and a bath once a week in a galvanized bath in front of the fire.


I remember war being declared on Germany, and paper boys running down the street, shouting "Britain declares war on Germany".


We were in an Anderson shelter one night and a stick of bombs were dropped across the road from us the bomb took out Wrenson’s, Home and Colonial, Masons and a few other shops.


I used to play with Peter Freaks whose dad ran the snooker hall.


Our neighbours were the Bickley’s Joyce and Jean, the Blacks and Vincent, the Neal's John and Shirley, Mr and Mrs Spitall, Mr and Mrs Vigours, Mr and Mrs Brown.


My gran lived at 13 Springhill Passage.


I went to Steward St school till I was 11 and then St Patricks opposite Dudley Road hospital where I was born.



12th September 2018




21st August 2015



Icknield Street is to the right showing Walter Smith's shop

Library ticket for Spring Hill Library, 1966


Courtesy of Peter Cummins


3rd September 2011

Hill Top Cafe at 197 Spring Hill


A. Luckman's Wallpaper shop on Spring Hill

83-87 Spring Hill, 1967

Spring Hill, 1953

77 Spring Hill, 1954


471/2 Spring Hill

Spring Hill, 1956

Spring Hill corner of Icknield Street

Spring Hill Motors

Spring Hill

Spring Hill, 1955