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10th March 2017

Memories of Terence Molly and Luckman's Shop


My memories of Luckman’s the Paper Shop


I worked for Mr Luckman in 1964, I did seven morning rounds and seven evening rounds because on a Saturday I had to take the Sports Argo round. Mr Luckman’s shop had gas mantles, I got 11 shillings a week paid on a Saturday night with a 10-shilling note and a shilling coin. Happy days!!


Terence Molly I lived at 63 Clark Street


21st August 2015



Icknield Street is to the right showing Walter Smith's shop

Library ticket for Spring Hill Library, 1966


Courtesy of Peter Cummins


3rd September 2011

Hill Top Cafe at 197 Spring Hill


A. Luckman's Wallpaper shop on Spring Hill

83-87 Spring Hill, 1967

Spring Hill, 1953

77 Spring Hill, 1954


471/2 Spring Hill

Spring Hill, 1956

Spring Hill corner of Icknield Street

Spring Hill Motors

Spring Hill

Spring Hill, 1955