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28th December 2020

Memories of Sandra Salter and Pauline Jones


St. Barnabas' School 1954

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Sandra Salter

Marked in with Yellow sticker

Pauline Jones (ribbon in hair) lived at 2/44 Blythe Street;

Margaret Russell Lived at 12 Ryland Street; Barrie Cowie


Pink coloured sticker - Barbara ????



16th April 2020

Memories of Sandra Mason


St. Barnabas' School 1937

St. Barnabas School, photo of George VI coronation celebrations.

Muriel Saunders is the little girl marked with a X.



16th April 2018

Memories of Anne Wright


Attached are two school photos taken at St Barnabas Primary school, Ladywood in the 1940's. 

My Mum (Anne Piper) is on one of them

(she was born 1938 and the photo is probably dated around 1948)

She is in the second row from front, 5th child in from left

This photo includes her brother John Piper.

He is a bit younger than Mum and he's in the back row 8th child from left.

Date of this one is probably also 1948


By the way, you already have a photo of St Barnabas school dated 1946 on the website. My mum is on that one as well. She is in the 2nd row from front, 4th girl from left.


23rd April 2012


St. Barnabas School, 1946



13th June 2011



Parish Magazine from St. Barnabas Church, 1941

Courtesy of Jenny Lloyd

Certificate from inside a Bible given to me on the 100th anniversary of the school

Courtesy of Alan Jones

School report from St Barnabas Junior School

Courtesy of Alan Jones


St. Barnabas, 1954

Do you recognise anyone on this photograph?

Photograph courtesy of Sandra Salter


St. Barnabas Football Team 1958-59

Photograph courtesy of Colin Yapp

The faces, from the best of my knowledge, are from left to right:


Mr. Shuttleworth, Billy Cross, Alan Sturges, Barrie Cowie, Raymond Price, John Biggs, Raymond Vaughan, Mr Hewitt


Front row: Michael Fisher, Peter Jenkins, Barry Timbrell, Fred Oldershaw, David Oldershaw, Colin Yapp


My name is Roy Field, I have found this photograph in an old bible of mine.

I was a member of the choir late 40s early 50s and I lived at 3/37 Ruston Street, I left there about 1952.

Medal dated 1880 "Never Absent, Never Late"


I was just looking through this Bible, they gave one to all the kids at St Barnabas when the school was a hundred years old.

I thought you might be interested.

Best wishes  Ray.


St. Barnabas School

St Barnabas School either 1945 or 1946


My Uncle Royston Field is in the photograph. He is the fair headed little boy standing next to the kings looking to the left.


He is the youngest of the Field family, who all lived in Ruston Street, Ladywood.


Kind Regards


Linda Driscoll

Can you put the names of the children in the photograph, if so email


I have attached a photo from St Barnabas School in Summer 1949. My brother, Alan Billington is 2nd from the left on the middle row.


The teachers were: Mrs Powell on the left and Miss Smith on the right. The only other name we know is the little girl seated 1st on the right, she was Marlene Sleet.


Sadly my brother has passed away; else I am sure he would have been able to tell us other names. The children would have been five years old at the time; they would have been born between September 1943 and August 1944. I hope it might be of interest to you.




Can you put the names of the children in the photograph, if so email


St. Barnabas' School Youth Club

St. Barnabas' School Youth Club Football Team

St. Barnabas' School Youth Club

St. Barnabas' School Youth Club Football Team

St. Barnabas' School Youth Club

I am standing in the middle row, fourth from the right. My name then was Ann Jones, I lived in 8/20 Ruston Street. The girl in the same row third from the right was named Jean West , and lived in Morville Street

Photograph courtesy of Ann Ford

St. Barnabas' School, 1947

In the third row from the front, fifth from the right the girl with plats is my cousin May Jones born June 1937

Many thanks to Ann Ford for this information

St. Barnabas' School, 1953

St. Barnabas' School Youth Club Outing

The School

St. Barnabas School

picture shows some of the girls at camp

Florrie Compton, Dora Gumbley, Alice Copson,

Betty Protheroe, Joan Scarrot